• Indict George W Bush War Crimes
    I think it's time to make the Bush Administration face the penalty for the Catastrophe they are responsible for. The deaths of almost 1.5 million people, the invasion of a sovereign Nation based on lies, and the authorization of torture. I also feel we should impeach George W Bush, and Richard Cheney for their crimes, as well as Condoleeza Rice, and Donald Rumsfeld
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    Created by Patrick A Gordon
  • Command Peace
    Close the base in Saudi Arabia that is so close to Mecca that some Muslims feel the need to defend. Create an international Gaza Strip that belongs to everyone perhaps it could be a United Nations duty free zone and the US could help with the military policing so we are still in the region. Small steps World Peace...
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    Created by Stephen Dufresne
  • Ask Governor Cuomo to rescind (In)Secure Communities
    The so-called Secure Communities program is an immigration enforcement tool between Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and New York State. It requires police to fingerprint all persons processed and to send the prints to ICE. This leads to an increase in the deportation of non-criminal immigrants and tears families apart. It undermines trust in the police and makes us less safe. Gov. Cuomo should rescind the agreement.
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    Created by Ute Ritz-Deutch
  • Bring back Greenbacks
    In order for America to survive, we must get the private Federal Reserve Bank out of the equation in all Federal government spending. We need to print our money ourselves, spend it directly into our economy for highways, bridge repair, railroad upgrades etc. rather than issue bonds which the Federal Reserve buys with Federal Reserve Notes (look at the money in your pocket) that they print out of thin air (counterfeit) and then charge the U.S. Government (that's us) interest on the bonds in addition to the face value of the bond all of which is our debt. Without this change, it is mathematically impossible for America to survive.
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    Created by Ken Kollodge
  • Petition to end Chemtrail Spraying
    They have been spraying chemtrails in most of the world poisoning the water and soil supplies for years. These chemtrails are sprayed deliberately and they contain barium, aluminum, bacteria and even GMO fibers causing Cancer, Alzheimer's, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many other illnesses. The EPA and Congress have been informed to keep a blind eye to the issue and we need to force thm to stop the Chemtrail death dumps.
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    Created by Bernadette Sava
  • CCS School Board: Restrict Sugar in Schools
    I in 10 kindergarteners entering Charlottesville City Schools is overweight or obese. From the 4th Grade on, it's 1 in 3. In addition to the short and long term health burden on our community, overweight students tend to suffer emotionally and psychologically and perform poorly in school. Sugar is directly linked to weight gain and is considered by many experts to be an anti-nutrient. Yet, on any given day as many as 4 of these items - cookies, ice cream, sugary yogurts and cereals and candy - are offered to students at CCS. We're calling on the School Board to take a stand.
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    Created by Ivana Kadija
  • End Disability Discrimination in Federal Offices
    Despite reams of legislation that prevents discrimination against the disabled in federal employment, such discrimination continues in many local branches of federal offices, particularly in the United States Post Office. Federal oversight for the protection of employee rights needs to be strengthened.
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    Created by Ben Kittrell
  • Pass the Arbitration Fairness Act of 2009
    The Seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees the right to a jury trial in all civil cases over $20. The Federal Arbitration Act, and court rulings interpreting it, have supplanted this cherished right with an expensive, secret and biased system, favoring businesses over individuals, and denying justice to thousands of victims. The Arbitration Fairness Act of 2009 addresses and corrects the abuses of arbitration, bringing fairness and balance to the civil justice system for everyone, and restoring the Constitutional right to trial by jury.
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    Created by John Kirtley
  • Impose a fee on Alcohol companies
    The alcohol tax has not been raised in many states in 20 years. Yet the cost of alcoholism and drug abuse on our country has skyrocketed. If they can spend millions on Superbowl ads, Alcohol companies should be made to spend some of their outrageous profits to benefit the consumers and the victims of their consumers by providing substance abuse treatment and supportive services to foster youth who have been taken out of their home due to substance abuse.
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    Created by Ronda Dixon
  • Stop H.R. 3
    The H.R. 3 bill would create a law that women and small businesses provide health insurance covering abortion to pay more on taxes. So a woman would have to provide documentation to IRS, that the abortion was due to forcible rape, incest, a life threat to the mother, OR that the health insurance she has doesn't cover abortions. It would prevent most women from receiving any financial help from health insurance companies for abortion. We should put our money and efforts in sex education and prevention and ASSIST victims of rape and assault, not make it harder. And remember... All this is following a recent budget cut threat to Planned Parenthood.
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    Created by Dragana Drobnjak
  • Stop Corporate Tax Cuts
    Two thirds of all U.S. corporations do not pay federal income tax. If they paid their fair share, we wouldn't have to cut teachers, firefighters and public services. Every year corporate tax havens cost us $100 billion. That's nearly enough to balance the budgets of all 50 states. Corporate tax avoiders are bankrupting the United States.
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    Created by Sheree Welshimer
  • Stop the TransCanada Pipeline
    TransCanada wants to build a risky tar sands oil pipeline right through the Sandhills and Ogallala Aquifer. They are bullying Nebraska landowners and threatening our state's economic activity. We cannot risk the Ogallala, which provides clean drinking water for 85% of Nebraskans and crop irrigation water for two million Americans in other states. Get more info at boldnebraska.org
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    Created by Jane Fleming Kleeb