• Democrats: stand proud
    Democrats lost seats in the last election because they didn't stand up for issues that have long been Democratic values. We want them to be very clear from now on so that voters realize there really is a difference between the two parties.
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    Created by Marcia Bailey
  • "Off the Table"
    Medicare and Social Security should not be part of the Government's budget cuts if there are no revenue increases being addressed.
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    Created by Lennon Brooks
  • Legalize
    Legalize marijuana for medicinal use. It helps over 200 diseases and sicknesses such as cancer, aids, glaucoma, anxiety, depression, bi-polar, nausea, and many more. Help cut down crime and bring some money into our economy by taxing it.
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    Created by Jacob Ekstrom
  • campaign finance reform
    we should keep corporations out of our elections before they take over and start running this country. it is pretty scary.
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    Created by john haynes
  • Give Our Fish Clean Water
    Illinois waters are filled with fish that have elevated levels of chlordane, methylmercury and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). These things are very bad for you, especially if you are under the age of 15 or are a woman of childbearing age, are pregnant or nursing. For the rest of us, the Illinois Dept. of Public Health suggests that we can eat a little fish here and there, but seriously, would you? THE METHYLMERCURY ADVISORY APPLIES TO PREDATORY FISH IN ALL ILLINOIS WATERS. Predator fish include all species of black bass (largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass), striped bass, hybrid striped bass, white bass, walleye, sauger, saugeye, flathead catfish, muskellunge, and northern pike. It's time to clean up our lakes and rivers. Learn more at http://www.idph.state.il.us/envhealth/fishadvisory/index.htm
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    Created by C. J. Newton
    African Americans are decendents from the most dreaded time in America's history, slavery. Banks, corporations and America can trace it's wealth back to the enslavement of African Americans. After never receiving the 40 acres and a mule, (a means of compensation for the free labor that built the wealth of America), African Americans are in a state of poverty, poor education, poor health and permanent underclass status. It is time to give justice, reciprocity, and moral repair to our collective consciousness by granting reparations to our African American citizens.
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    Created by Tahira Ahmad
  • Muslim or Christian Future?
    Warning: This is what Muslims want for the world. www.usafounders.com/Video/Stoning.wmv After you watch, ask yourself, "Should America promote the Christian Gospel or let the Muslim agenda win by inaction?" If you want hate just wait. If you want Jesus Christ's love and freedom which America was founded on sign this petition.
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    Created by Kirk W. Fraser
  • Bar Tax-Exemption for U.S. Chamber of C.
    According to the L.A. Times of 5/26/11, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce spent $33 million last year on advertising to influence political races without disclosing its donors. Why should they have tax-exempt status? (They also have reportedly raised more than $80 million to spend for the same purpose in the 2012 election cycle.)
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    Created by Doug Hedlund
  • Truth in Political Advertising
    People try to sell us things all day and night on television. Those same people HAVE to tell the truth about their product. They can't (by law) say that it does something that it doesn't do. What I want is for the Truth in Advertising Act to apply to political adds. If you are like me you are tired of propaganda in our electoral process. You are tired of adds about bills that are total fabrications with no basis in fact. And I am tired of polititions lying and NEVER being called on it.
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    Created by David Mobley
  • Restore Central Time To Indiana
    Children are being hit & killed by vehicles while waiting for buses and walking to school in the pitch-black mornings of our geographically incorrect Eastern Time Zone. These incidents (along with rapes & abductions) have increased dramatically since 2006, when our legislature finally put Indiana on Daylight Saving Time without taking the logical accompanying step of returning us to our historically (and geographically) correct time zone. The Central Time Coalition hopes to request the DOT finally hold the series of statewide time zone hearings promised us in 2005, but which were never held due to a "technicality."
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    Created by Andy Ray
  • Hershey: Stop Child Labor and Raise the Bar!
    We all love chocolate, but unfortunately, many of our favorite treats are tainted by the ongoing use of child labor, forced labor and trafficking in the West African cocoa industry. Almost ten years since chocolate companies committed to ending this exploitation, these abuses continue. Many chocolate companies have taken steps to trace their cocoa purchasing and implement labor rights standards among their suppliers, but the Hershey Company lags behind its competitors. Hershey can be a leader in addressing labor abuses in its supply chain by starting to source Fair Trade Certified cocoa for its chocolate products. Tell Hershey to raise the bar for responsible cocoa sourcing!
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    Created by International Labor Rights Forum
  • Protect our Families: Outlaw Divorce
    With divorce rates sky-high, the social fabric disintegrating, and deviants clamoring for the right to marry, it's time to stand up for the historical institution of marriage. How can we restore dignity and respect and honor to this once-great institution? The answer is as simple as "Til death do us part". Stand up for marriage: outlaw divorce.
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    Created by Xandra Coe