• Elder Financial Fraud or Exploitation
    The elder in our society are at high risk to have their civil rights violated by unsavory attorney's, corrupt judges, and so-called guardians. See the national statistics of ever increasing civil rights violations against the elder and most vulnerable in our society. The Clackamas County, Oregon, District Attorney is just one, which calls a criminal matter a civil matter, because of shortage of funds and lack of interest. "Elder Abuse is a serious crime and public health issue with far reaching consequences for both the victim and society" excerpt: www.ndaa.org.
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    Created by Erna Boldt
  • Remove Zimbabwe Sanctions
    Petitions have never affected the government leadership. The same is true for Zimbabwe. Innocent men, women and especially children are undernourished some to the point of starvation because of American sanctions. Sign this petition and give life to starving babies. It is what God would have us to do.
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    Created by Rev. Mmoja Ajabu
  • Right to Vote Act
    It would divide the City of Irvine(CA) into 4 council Districts and a citywide Mayoral district. There are no representatives from some parts of the city and dividing the city would allow more equal representation. It would also make it more affordable to run, since you would only have to win the majority of your district. Right now only the rich can afford to run.
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    Created by taxfighter
  • Take Immediate Action To Stop Genocide In South Kordofan
    An active genocide is occurring in Sudan's South Kordofan province. Since June more than 11,000 ethnic Nubians have been forcibly removed from U.N. protection by Sudanese government forces and are feared dead. Demand that President Obama take immediate action to stop genocide.
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    Created by Brandon Henander
  • President Obama: Investigate Wall Street Corruption
    NPR reported on July 13, 2011 that "the financial meltdown of 2008 hasn't generated a single prosecution of high-level Wall Street players..." They proceed to explain how new guidelines made by the Justice Department in the late summer of 2008 have "allowed prosecutors to take a 'softer approach' to corporate crimes. The guidelines — known as deferred prosecution agreements — have permitted financial companies to avoid indictments if they agree to investigate and report their own crimes." Sign this petition and ask the President to rescind the deferred prosecution agreements and investigate Wall Street corruption.
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    Created by Jonathan Mortimer
  • Reverse the Citizens United decision
    The Citizens United decision allows unlimited donations to American political campaigns by individuals and corporations both national and international. This selling of American elections to the highest bidder usurps and erodes the democratic right of the people to elect their government officials without undue external influence.
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    Created by Jim Scanlon
  • Monetary Reform
    We should not have to borrow money from a bank that does not have any money. A well thought out plan to make the Treasury the source for our Nations economy is available and has workabilty withe precedence in North Dakota's State woned Banking system. They enjoy the mutually beneficial relationship with the private banks and share profits.
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    Created by Bill Loftus
  • The Credit Score: Contradictory, Harmful, Inane: Get Rid of This Illogical "Tool"
    Sign this petition if you have Pride for your level of Common Sense: have you realized that the credit score rewards you for debt & penalizes you if you are not in debt? However, if you are in debt in a way that is not pleasing to "them", then you are penalized, but you will be possibly rewarded you if you maintain debt in a way that makes enough interest for billionaire companies. Have you been denied a JOB because of your low credit score? Do you think it's FAIR to be denied employment for bad credit? Because I don't. There are so many flaws in logic, rationale & fairness I refuse to allow this economic tool to put me in harm's way: preventing me from progressing in life to secure food, shelter and stability. I refuse to further participate in this economic system designed to make us fail. There are more of us negatively impacted by low credit than not. We are the Majority. Let's gather our numbers, let's share our stories, let's present our solutions and let's end the day with ELIMINATING THIS INSULT TO INTELLIGENCE AND COMMON SENSE EVERYWHERE!!!!!
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    Created by CharLizzle
  • Examine Oaths and Pledges to get Party Funding by the Congressional Ethics Committee
    95% of Republican Congressmen have signed an oath not to raise taxes, which is a virtual prerequisite to get Republican National Committe funding, and have also had to sign, in many cases, the right-wing purity oath for same. It is our view that, not only does this impair the excercise of the integrity of personal independent judgement in the exercise of their duties as congressmen, it can be in violation of their sworn oath to defend and protect the Constitution. We move that this and all oaths that hamper individual judgement to be exercised in the performance of public office be examined by the Congressional Ethics Committees in hearings to determine whether this be a breach of ethics that conflicts with the exercise of their sworn duties as Congressmen.
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    Created by John T Haupt
  • Golf Cart Safety
    On July 25th 2010 my 14 year. old daughter was operating a golf cart when, on an incline, she slammed on the brakes causing it to go into a skid and overturn. Her friend, Jordan Jackson, a 15 year old girl was killed. For years golf cart manufacturers have been aware of the need for front and back brakes on these vehicles, as well as other saftey measures that would only amount to a couple hundred dollars per vehicle to install, that would make them much safer to operate. There are laws in place that make it illegal for kids to operate these vehicles on the roadways, but these are rarely enforced. Most of the time these vehicles are used around lake area's with very little adult supervision, as was the case with the accident involving my daughter. Law Enforcement "looks the other way" because this is how "everyone gets around." Many people think because they are a slow moving vehicle, they are "safe." Jordan was killed on a golf cart whose top speed was apprx. 15 miles per/hr. My daughter sustained injuries physically & emotionally that we will deal with for many years. These safety measures need to be made mandatory; no matter what the cost. The target group for these vehicles are teenage childen and seniors. The benefits far outweigh the cost here. Once a life is lost, like 15 year. old Jordan Jackson; there is no remedy. Please put safety first and help to prevent this from ever happening to another kid again.
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    Created by Brenda Kyle
  • vote 4 education
    This petition is for saving education. We keep getting cuts every year. Here is a way to save our education. Every person in America who makes one million a year or more must pay 5% of their profit to save education even if they live outside the US. If we do not save America's education, other countries will be ahead of us. Some probobly are. So let us vote for this petition and send it to our congress. This way no more cuts and no more kicking out teachers. This is our contribution to the future generation and we owe it to them.
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    Created by rita
  • Saving our Country from Ruin
    With the early August deadline for raising the U.S. debt limit fast approaching, we must do something to forestall the looming catastrophe. Please demand that your congressperson negotiate in earnest to raise the U.S. debt limit, agreeing to both cuts and taxes. Our country is on the brink of ruin..
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    Created by Hope Raymond