• Truck Traffic on University Avenue
    Trucks too loud? Road condition poor? Let’s do something about it! We are your neighbors on University Ave, between 35W and St Anthony Pkwy (3rd Ward). Over the last few years, we have noticed that truck traffic has increased significantly, University Avenue road quality has depreciated, and the noise pollution is a growing nuisance. On 7/12/2011, we counted 261 container trucks from 6am to 6pm. We are reaching out to our neighbors to build a case to share with our Third Ward City Council Member, Diane Hofstede. Are you are being impacted in some of the following ways? • Noise level of trucks affects ability to open windows, sleep, hear television, or have phone conversations • Trucks cause shaking of homes and some complaints of recent cracks in walls • Truck frequency and noise starts about 5 am every week day and goes into the early evening as well as weekends • University Ave road conditions are poor • Risk of home value depreciation Do you agree with these potential solutions? • Improve road condition to better manage/absorb the truck usage • Limit use of flatbed container trucks on University • Reroute trucks to less residential areas • Determine if trucks could be secured better to cause less noise • Enforce weight restrictions (assumption is that many are overweight and causing the poor road conditions) We need your help! We must prove that many of the residents on University Avenue have similar concerns. Please sign this petition to help us reduce the truck traffic on University Avenue. Thank you.
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    Created by Alisa Mulhair
  • Term Limits 4 Members of Congress!
    My petition speaks for itself! House of Representatives, and Senators alike would never ever bring this bill up for a vote. We all know why, they would be voting themselves out of a job!!Duh!! 2 terms, after that so long!
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    Created by JoAnn Diaferio
  • Political Office Reform
    No tenure/pensions for elected officials at any level. Serving is a priviledge, not an entitlement. Also, they should have to participate in the same health care programs they are trying to force upon Americans. This is yet another way to cut the debt!
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    Created by Maggie Marlowe
  • Mr. President, please fund the United States Interest Free Home Mortgage Corporation
    Abraham Lincoln issued an executive order for the Secretary of the Treasury to issue debt free American money. JFK tried and Bobby Kennedy would have tried. We are asking you to use your Presidential power to issue an executive order to the Secretary of the Treasury to fund the United States Interest Free Home Mortgage Corporation with debt free American money.
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    Created by Lee Cheney
  • Bring Diesel Cars to America
    We can reduce fossil fuel consumption by 30% or more immediately by driving fuel-efficient diesel powered cars. In Europe, they have cars that get 60 mpg. or more. And they can use Biodiesel, a much more sustainable fuel than ethanol. We need these cars in the US.
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    Created by Jim Gilbert
  • No Incarceration for Back Child Support without DNA Paternity Confirmation
    Thousands have been incarcerated for owing back child support without DNA confirmation of paternity. Many state social service agencies, for example Missouri, shirk their responsibility to order DNA testing upon receipt of a paternity challenge. Too many have been denied the right to know their true genealogy; especially the offspring.
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    Created by Darryl Lynn Jones
  • Save Congress from Political Cults
    Lawmakers who signed the Norquist pledge belong to a Political Cult. They have displayed religious fervor and unquestioned loyalty towards Political Cult Leader, Grover Norquist. Lawmakers who pledged allegiance to him show misplaced loyalty and a dereliction of duty.
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    Created by CMSimn
  • Repeal Obama's Nobel
    The Nobel Peace prize was most likely awarded to Obama for two reasons. 1) based on his pre-election rhetoric/speeches 2) to encourage him to lead the world into a more peaceful existence. Obama did not follow his own rhetoric and he maintained 2 wars and launched a third. The whole world can/will sign this petition. It can't be hidden by the US media once it goes worldwide. Tweet Away!
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    Created by Seth Johnson
  • End support for GMO crops, and label all GMO foods
    Monsanto has launched lawsuits for years against Canadian and US farmers, and winning, when their GMO pollen drifts onto an organic/nonGMO farm--saying the organic/nonGMO farmer stole their patent--calling it patent infringement. These legal actions are insane, and dangerous, and destroying and scaring small farmers. Monsanto is infecting organic farms, which could end all organics, and change organic standards to include virus and bacteria DNA which are in GMOs. Monsanto is supported by the US presidency, regulatory agencies, and courts, and is aggressively courting the same power structures in Europe. They are threatening to turn all of the world's food supply into GMOs.
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    Created by Geoffrey C Saign
  • Smart School Lunches
    School lunches in public schools should be changed to organic. In addition, the lunches should contain more vegetables, fruits and nuts than the current amount.
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    Created by Virgil Lawson
  • Congressional Reform Act of 2011
    The Congress of the United States is out of touch with the condition and needs of over 90% of the population. The members receive executive level salaries, guaranteed medical care and guaranteed pension benefits paid by tax dollars. Yet, they are reckless in proposing to tear down the income, medical benefits and the only retirement that many taxpayers have. In order to adequately represent the majority of taxpayers, the protections that congressional members enjoy should be more closely aligned with those they represent.
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    Created by Rita C. Kidd
    Americans need to come together and work towards amicable solutions to the many problems confronting this nation. Our representatives are totally out of touch with the real ways to discuss, suggest, compromise, and fix the problems affecting PEOPLE. This is one nation with many, many sub cultures and we need to understand the suffering of millions of our countrymen.
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    Created by Harriet Schwartz