• Protect our Families: Outlaw Divorce
    With divorce rates sky-high, the social fabric disintegrating, and deviants clamoring for the right to marry, it's time to stand up for the historical institution of marriage. How can we restore dignity and respect and honor to this once-great institution? The answer is as simple as "Til death do us part". Stand up for marriage: outlaw divorce.
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    Created by Xandra Coe
  • Support Grants for Storm Shelters in Tornado Alley
    Storm shelters provide a high level of protection from tornados but they can be expensive to build. Currently in the United States, FEMA offers grants after tornados have devastated communities but residents need to be able to protect themselves before disaster strikes. The USDA offers low-interest loans but the last thing that someone can afford to do after they've lost everything that they own is to take out a loan. I'm calling on Congress to provide grants for homeowners to install storm shelters in states impacted by tornados through Community Development Block Grants.
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    Created by Lisa Bondeson
  • Justice
    The immediate arrest of George W. Bush for crimes against humanity.
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    Created by Brian Bloomer
  • Stop the Ban on Affirmative Action: Say NO to State Question 759
    Oklahoma Legislature just passed a bill that will send an affirmative action BAN to the ballot in 2012. Affirmative action is described as: any measure that considers race, gender, disability, or veteran status that is adopted to provide opportunities to qualified individuals who have historically been denied opportunities and to prevent future occurrence. We do not believe opportunities will be available to some qualified people if this ban is passed.
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    Created by Jeanine Ridener
  • Made in America
    Unemployment is rising, while executive salaries stay high. If a product can be manufactured in the United States of America, it must be made in the USA in order to be sold here. We must not allow US companies to outsource manufacturing, shipping, and other production overseas where they can pay less than minimum wage.
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    Created by Elizabeth Gamber
    Most of the tests students routinely take to test their progress are hardly a valid indicator of what we should be measuring: the capacity to think critically in order to be prepared to solve the many complex issues we are facing. Our populace confuses beliefs with facts, scientific knowledge with superstition, etc. Teaching to success on tests narrows the curriculum and that will be even worse once teachers' jobs are keyed to their students' ability to take tests.
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    Created by Shirley Ariker
  • Stop Imposing Fees On Single Mothers—And Their Children—For Receiving Child Support Through SCU
    For several years now, single mothers who receive child support through Support Collection Unit (SCU) are being charged an annual fee of $25. This fee, for which there has never been an explanation given, is literally skimmed off the top of a child's support money. Where are these many millions of dollars—garnered at the expense of children—going? And further, if a fee must be installed, please charge the offending party: the one who would not pay voluntarily in the first place!
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    Created by Jenny Klion
  • Eliminate All Campaign Advertising
    Candidates for public office depend on large donations to pay for radio, TV & print ads to win elections. The more money they raise, the better their chances. In this way, issues they support or don't support are often influenced by wealthy corporations that—partly due to the Supreme Court's "Citizen's United" decision—can donate unlimited amounts of money to their campaigns. This amounts to a sort of legal political corruption. Signing this petition is a step toward returning our political process to a fair system as the authors of our constitution intended it to be. Also, political ads are often misleading and extremely annoying.
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    Created by Robert Clearmountain
  • End the Electoral College
    Because it isn't necessary and can contradict the will of the people.
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    Created by Karen Hartman
  • Tell Congress. . .Stop representing special interests
    Because there is no cap on corporate political contributions . . . Large corporations contirbute heavily to political campaigns. Causing Congress to cater to lobbyists for large corporations.
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    Created by howard suer
    ANYONE who drives in American must be given a driver's license and have proof of insurance. That protects us all. Immigration status be damned! If a person is gainfully employed and producing for our country and paying his or her bills, they are supporting the economy of this country and must be allowed to be here and have the right to become citizens. There are no arguments against this, unless you are a racist or ignorant - which is both.
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    Created by Richard Fairfield
  • U.S. Rep. Herger: Don't Ryan-ize Medicare, Support Seniors.
    Seniors in CA2 are frantic about cutting or changing Medicare and other health care benefits. Mr. Herger, you need to support Seniors in your 10 counties, not throw them to the lions. You are the chair of an important health care committee that could affect the livelyhood of millions of Americans. Stop the Ryan-ization of our health care !
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    Created by Frank Treadway