• Cut Government Spending at the Source: Salaries of Elected Officials
    Salaries for U.S. and State Senators and Congressmen should be tied to the federal minimum wage of their constituents. At $7.25/hr, 24 hrs per day, no elected official's pay should exceed $63,553.50, and benefits limited to the time served in office. Staff size should be proportioned by state population or equal to the number of State Electoral Votes.
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    Created by Georgia G
  • Equality
    Congress and "We The People" should abide by the same rules. This is a recommendation for a Constitutional Amendment.
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    Created by Henri V. De Roule
  • Keep Public Broadcasting Funded in Florida!
    On May 26, 2011 Florida Governor Rick Scott vetoed the state's nearly $4.8 million appropriation for public broadcasting. That figure had already been reduced by 30% from last year. With these cuts, 13 public radio stations will lose $87,287 in state funds and 13 television stations will lose a subsidy of $434,837. Public broadcasting is a form of objective media that is inclusive and accessible to everyone. It keeps our communities both connected and informed. Please sign the petition and urge Florida Legislator's to override Gov. Scott's line-item veto of state funding for public broadcasting. This doesn't take effort, it just takes passion.
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    Created by Anna V. Eskamani
  • Stop Pre-Employment Credit Checks!
    Stop Pre-Emploment Credit Checks! Many states have already banned the discriminatory practice of checking credit ratings before offering employment but many have yet to catch up. This petition is in effort to raise awareness to Government Officials at all levels in Tennessee that this practice is discriminatory and elitist in nature. It prevents those who have recently fallen on hard times through no fault of their own from joining the workforce again and being productive members of society. I urge you to take a stand for the hard working Tennesseans that want to work. US States That Took Action to Eliminate Credit Checks in Non-Financial Employment * In the Northeast: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, Maryland, Pennsylvania. * In the Midwest: Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, * In the South: Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina * In the South/West: Texas, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Arkansas * In the West: California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Nebraska
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    Created by Matthew Hardy
  • Spousal Credit Repair Bill
    Men and Women are being denied jobs and homes or apartments and other important things because of bad credit and other things such as judgements or liens and they are not the ones who signed for the loans. If your spouse or ex spouse does not take care of loans or credit it hurts innocent people that may be resposible in the past but new things hurt the innocent spouse or in the case of divorce ex spouse
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    Created by Margo McCoy
  • Protect Your Zoning Rights
    SB 1100 of Session 2011 introduced by Joe Scarnatti, in order to expedite gas extraction gives foreign and domestic gas interests authority over American municipalities' zoning rights. This is treasonous legislation.
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    Created by Marj Lofland
  • Amend The Constitution: Corporations Are Not People
    The Supreme Court ruled in 2010 in Citizens United that corporations are persons who are entitled to all of the rights protected in the Constitution. This is based on a lie. They were never before recognized as natural persons like you and me. Corporations are global, powerful and wealthier than many nations. The ruling will essentially allow corporations to enslave us. We must oppose it, and an amendment is the best way to do it.
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    Created by Hedda Haning
    Justice Clarence Thomas has violated federal law and rules of ethics by falsifying 20 years of financial disclosure forms and engaging in judicial insider trading to enrich himself from the Citizens United decision. We're calling on the Justice Department to apply Equal Justice Under Law to the conduct of Clarence Thomas.
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    Created by VRAdmin
  • Demand Paul LePage's Resignation!
    Paul LePage was "elected" Governor of Maine with less than 32% of the vote. In his brief time in office he has been anything from an embarrassment to a disaster for the State.
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    Created by Chad Thorne
  • Environmental Education
    Environmental education should be taught in every subject at the Secondary level, as a lesson or as research within the context of the subject itself. In this manner, our public school students will become knowledgeable and involved in environmental issues while their minds are still open. Environmental education has been proven to improve student grades and reduce the dropout rate.
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    Created by James LeCuyer
    Gun owners to pay for gun control. Policing crime and paying medical cost is largely borne by law abiding non-gun owning citizens.
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    Created by LEOTHA BROWN SR.
  • Petition Members of Congress to Support Rep. Anthony Weiner
    This petition is created for the purpose of supporting Rep. Anthony Weiner. Other members of Congress have done far worse than Weiner, yet still remain. Please sign this petition which is targeted toward encouraging other members of Congress to support Rep. Weiner.
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    Created by Facebook.com/WeSupportAnthonyWeiner