• Equal coverage of sex trafficking as given for sex scandals
    Many substantive hard news stories affecting a large segment of our population are taking a backseat to sensational stories about the sexual habits of celebrities and politicians. These stories are more fitting for tabloid reporters than mainstream journalists. We are calling on the mainstream news media to give equal coverage and time to the issue of sex trafficking, which is the kidnapping of girls and women and selling them as sex slaves, as is given to sex scandals.
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    Created by S. Maxx Mahaffey
  • Stop Double Dipping
    All government services (schools, libraries, police, fire, sanitation, parks, street trees, paved roads, etc.) are at risk and many services will be cut. In the meantime many public employees have full retirements from other public or private employers. If salaries were capped so that no one could earn a net greater than $150,000 from two or more jobs then many more jobs could be filled and services saved. Individual high level managers and professionals could could have net earnings more than $150,000 but only from their current employer. Now there are many public employees who receive large pensions and coupled with their current salaries earn way more than $150,000.
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    Created by martin nelson
  • Stop Verizon from Installing Antennas Too Close to Schools
    Many cities and school districts across the globe are demanding cell antennas be no less than 1500 feet from schools - taking precautionary measures to protect the permeable skulls of children from the potential dangers of constant electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation. Verizon is poised to install 9-12 cell antennas 100 feet from North Oakland Community Charter School and the thriving Destiny Community Arts Center, and around the corner from Anna Yates Elementary in Emeryville – over 1,000 children in close proximity. We are calling on Oakland’s Mayor Quan, Verizon and the property owner, McGrath Properties, to stop construction, and observe recommended precautions for our children.
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    Created by Evie Ladin
  • Get a little $ back from Wall Street
    Wall Street was instrumental in getting the rules changed so that they could legally transfer Trillions of dollars of wealth and savings from the people of the US to their Primary Broker Businesses. This is a way to get a small proportion back to the original owners, the people, pensions, and cities of the US.
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    Created by Robert Naishtat
  • Multiple Sclerosis License Plates
    To raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis I would like the State of Maine to issue specialty license plates. Multiple sclerosis is a chronic, often disabling disease that attacks the central nervous system. Symptoms may be mild, such as numbness in the limbs, or severe, such as paralysis or loss of vision. The progress, severity, and specific symptoms of MS are unpredictable and vary from one person to another.
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    Created by Nina Duddy
  • Stop Banks From Garnishing Social Security
    The law says social security is safe from garnishment yet banks continue to do so without consequences. My social security was garnished 2 weeks after cancer surgery. I lost housing, my car, my dignity. You can read about it online at the link below: http://aaronandmoses.blogspot.com/2010/02/bankers-stealing-millions-in-fees-from.html
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    Created by Floyd Morell
  • 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
    Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution: "Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States." No one has been able to explain to me why young men and women serve in the U.S. Military for 20 years, risking their lives protecting freedom, and only get 50% of their pay in retirement. While Politicians hold their political positions in the safe confines of the capital, protected by these same men and women, and receive full pay retirement after serving one term. It just does not make any sense. Monday on Fox news they learned that the staffers of Congress family members are exempt from having to pay back student loans. This will get national attention if other news networks will broadcast it. When you add this to the items below, just where will all of it stop? 35 States file lawsuit against the Federal Government. Governors of 35 states have filed suit against the Federal Government for imposing unlawful burdens upon them. It only takes 38 (of the 50) States to convene a Constitutional Convention. This will take less than thirty seconds to read. If you agree, please pass it on. This is an idea that we should address. For too long we have been too complacent about the workings of Congress. Many citizens had no idea that members of Congress could retire with the same pay after only one term, that they specifically exempted themselves from many of the laws they have passed (such as being exempt from any fear of prosecution for sexual harassment) while ordinary citizens must live under those laws. The latest is to exempt themselves from the Healthcare Reform ... in all of its forms. Somehow, that doesn't seem logical. We do not have an elite that is above the law. I truly don't care if they are Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever. The self-serving must stop.
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    Created by Dale & Cheryl Parsons
  • Apartment fees preventing animal adoption
    Refundable pet deposits are fair & legitimate. Additional Up-front and monthly FEES are not, and it is this practice that prevents many, many people from adopting shelter animals, which the city says they want to encourage. Yet they allow apartment complexes to effectively penalize people for pet ownership or adoption way over and above a legitimate 'deposit'. This practice should be made illegal. It is already immoral!
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    Created by Mary Winfield-Kutza
  • End suppression of energy inventions
    Please help end the U.S. Government's viciously thorough suppression of new energy inventions which threaten the oil and power monopolies.There is no need to power our cars and trucks with environmentally and economically disastrous petrofuel!
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    Created by Gary Vesperman
  • Advocate for Felons Right to Work
    In the state of Oklahoma there are countless men and women who are felons and cannot attain profitable employment due to discrimination by business & industry with restrictions on hiring people with felonies. Leaving many homeless and relying on welfare and generosity of strangers to survive. We need jobs!
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    Created by Terri Sloniker
  • Re-Legalization of Industrial Hemp in North America
    Tired of the environmeltal pollution and high prices resulting from Oil Company domination of the Global Market? Tell Congress to re-legalize the industrial growth of Hemp here in America. The Stranglehold that Petroleum Companies have on the world can be broken by the Industrial Growth of Hemp. Pollution can be turned around. Medications that have been PROVEN to cure Cancer can be studied and produced. Hunger can be wiped out through the cultivation of Hemp. Millions of JOBS can be brought to the US economy due to the production of Hemp!!! We can get out of our National Debt without cutting Medicare and hurting the pockets of the Middle Class.
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    Created by Mychelle Ostrow
  • Should the Legislature extend the sales tax rate and use that money towards Education?
    Today, California schools are trying to eek out every cent they can and are barely getting by. Instead of thriving and expanding in the programs and services they provide our children, these services are being cut back. School districts are working with bare bones staff, firing teachers and increasing classroom sizes. Do we want that for our state?
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    Created by malena copeland