• Block AT&T takeover of T-mobile and consumer choice
    There is already not enough choice in the mobile phone market as evidenced by poor consumer satisfaction with their phone service and high prices. AT&T has done little to allay consumer complaints about their slow network and dropped calls. How can one believe that their takeover of T-mobile will result in better service for consumers when then can't keep their present house in order?
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    Created by Arun Jain
  • Save Social Security and Public Education
    Some of our basic needs are on the chopping block in Congress. We can't afford to let Social Security be privatized, and Public Education funding to be diverted and frittered away. This is a petition to ask Congress to pass an "operation fee" onto credit card companies and banks, charging them 1% of their profit which in turn will go into new and protected accounts to pay out Social Security benefits, and to fund public education. This will free up tax money for other needs, and every swipe of a credit card will be benefiting Americans. And it will take back (in a positive way) from the companies who have taken so much from the people.
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    Created by Andrew Gage
  • Congressional Reform Act
    Limit the total term for all Congressional Representatives to serve to 12 years maximum for both House and Senate reps. Similar to how Presidents have a max of 8 years to serve. Also Congress can no longer vote to give themselves pay raises. Serving in Congress is an honor not a career.
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    Created by Anonymous
  • Universal Health Care Petition: Just Do It!
    -In 2009, health care costs reached $2.5 trillion.[WTVQ.com] The United States is the only wealthy, industrialized nation that does not have a universal health care system. Source: Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences In 2006, the percentage of Americans without health insurance was 15.8%, or approximately 47 million uninsured people. [Source: US Census Bureau] Among the 84.2% with health insurance in 2006, coverage was provided through an employer 59.7%, purchased individually 9.1%, and 27.0% was government funded (Medicare, Medicaid, Military). (There is some overlap in coverage figures.) [Source: US Census Bureau] The primary reason given for lack of health insurance coverage in 2005 was cost (more than 50%), lost job or a change in employment (24%), Medicaid benefits stopped (10%), ineligibility for family insurance coverage due to age or leaving school (8%). [Source: National Center for Health Statistics] - More than 40 million adults stated that they needed but did not receive one or more of these health services (medical care, prescription medicines, mental health care, dental care, or eyeglasses) in 2005 because they could not afford it.[ Source: National Center for Health Statistics] And yet, one in three precious American health care dollars is wasted on profit and administration. [HuffingtonPost.com] In fact, CEO salary compensation packages. They ranged form $717,000+ to $24 million. [DailyKoz.com] The unemployment rate for January 2011 was 9 percent. For many, job loss not only means no income, but also a loss of health insurance coverage. Even many of those who are employed can’t afford the monthly premiums for health insurance. Researchers report about 58.7 million people in the U.S. had no health insurance for at least part of 2008. [Bureau of Labor Statistics via WTVQ.com] - Most health insurance plans for women have an additional cost for pregnancy; worse yet, if a woman opts out, her medical expenses related to her pregnancy don't count toward her deductible. [SingleMindedWomen.com]
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    Created by Josie Brown
  • Governor Nixon: Veto the Sexual Predator in the Workplace Protection Act
    Missouri's legislature is continuing its wholesale assault on working people by attempting to gut Missouri's civil rights statute, the Missouri Human Rights Act. Under SB 188, corporate reactionaries have: 1. Removed harassers and discriminators from any personal responsibility for their acts. 2. Placed outdated and unfair caps on damages, including economic damages. 3. Lessened protection for private and governmental employees who blow the whistle on illegal conduct. 4.Made it more difficult for employees to prevail or even reach a jury of their peers in employment discrimination cases.
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    Created by Mark Allen Jess
  • Teach Mental Tools/Cure Mental Ilness
    Everyone is born dependent on others for the vital needs to develop the mind and body. Everyone is born with automatic reactions of fear and anger. End Psychiatry. Save Untold Lives and Dollars. The 12 Steps of Humans Anonymous empowers the development of the adult mind, curing mental illness.
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    Created by Clover Greene
  • Develop a National Manufacturing Strategy
    Last week, HS Global Insight revealed that China has passed the United States as leading manufacturing output. While Germany, China, South Korea and every other industrialized nation have an implemented strategy to promote domestic manufacturing, the U.S. stands by and allows our jobs to be outsourced overseas.
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    Created by Nathan Estes
  • Protect Our Homes from Greedy bankers - Freeze Foreclosures NOW
    American families are being robbed of their homes to bankers and mortgage companies. Let's put a freeze on foreclosures and have modifications fairly and respectfully put into place on these loans. Why are banks taking huge loses of hundreds of thousands of dollars on upside down houses rather than work out payments? They are being bailed out somehow. Until this is fixed NO MORE FORECLOSURES!
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    Created by Kathy Gren
  • Keep guns off college campuses
    Tell Arizona legislators that you don't want guns on college and university campuses! The Arizona legislature is considering legislation (SB 1467) that would prevent universities from prohibiting the carry of concealed weapons on campus. College presidents, police chiefs, and a large majority of faculty and students oppose this bill. Sign the petition to show Arizona legislators that you oppose allowing guns on college campuses.
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    Created by Kiisa Nishikawa
  • Congressional Reform Act of 2011
    To limit the terms of Congress and have them receive the same benefits and healthcare as the Citizens of the US.
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    Created by Ralph E. Graetz
  • Tell NRA Board Member Rep. Don Young to keep his oath to America
    On March 10, 2011, five members of the Second Amendment Task Force/Alaska Peacemakers Militia were arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit murder and kidnapping. The group, led by Francis “Schaeffer” Cox, 27, had stockpiled firearms and munitions and was planning to kill multiple Alaska State Troopers and a federal judge. Cox had previously stated that “our government is sliding into tyranny, a police state” and boasted that law enforcement authorities “know we’ve got ‘em outmanned and outgunned.” A YouTube video was recently uncovered that shows Rep. Don Young (R-AK-At Large) signing an insurrectionist "Letter of Declaration" drafted by Cox on April 13, 2009. You can see the video at http://donyoungmilitiapledge.org
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    Created by Josh Horwitz, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
  • Forcing hookup long after the inital notification at current costs is unfair
    South Haven Township ( and other municipalities) notified residents that when water and sewer service was made available, hooking up would be mandatory. Since the regulation was not enforced for many years, and home building has stopped, the townships find that revenue to pay for the bonds involved isn't there. Now, the townships want all affected owners to pay current enormous fees to help get them out of the mess they created.
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    Created by Tom Erdmann