• Congressional Entitlements
    I am frustrated hearing Republican Congressman going after Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as the only way to lower spending...What about Lifetime Congressional Healthcare and retirement packages. Since when do employees get better packages than their employers??? Doesn't the Congress work for us??/ They are so far removed from the needs of the average person that they can't make these decisions intelligently.
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    Created by Renee fertig
  • Congress, show you care!
    Get Congress the message. Do they really care about us? How about them giving up something for our economy just like we are?
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    Created by Sharon M. Larocque
  • Cut The Pentagon's Budget First
    The astronomical cost of the U.S. Military, including the hundreds of billions of dollars the Pentagon is now spending waging wars and building weaponry, is the most significant reason our Federal budget is running an unsustainable deficit. The U.S. needs to balance its budget by reducing our military expenditures rather than by making cuts to other Federal programs.
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    Created by Mark van Gelder
  • Please help to end Supt. Barbara Thompson & MPS Board Members Deceptive Practices to RESEGREGATE ...
    In the wake of the most recent 6-1 decision in favor of Supt. Barbara Thompson's ridiculous recommendation to close neighborhood schools in low income predominantly Black communities we stand in solidarity to have this decision rescinded. Haunted by history in the most recent decision by Board members;Charlotte Meadows,Eleanor Dawkins, Mary Briers, Melissa Snowden, Heather Sellers, and Beverly Ross, is a troubling sign of genocide of the Black Community.
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    Created by Karen Jones
  • The War on Drugs
    We constantly hear about the huge expenditures by our government to fight against illegal drugs. We hear about violent behavior by drug users and drug cartels. We know those drug cartels rake in billions of dollars. Much of that money could provide tax relief for the USA, if drugs were legal, controlled and TAXED!
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    Created by Richard Fairfield
  • Label GMOs
    Consumers have the right to know when the food they purchase contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Monsanto says that GMOs are "same as" and therefore will not affect our health and our environment, yet they have patented those same seeds because they are unique and different. Label GMOs and let the consumers decide whether or not they want to consume them.
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    Created by Susan Siemers
  • stop exporting jobs and develop talent within
    This petition is about fixing the economy and develop engineering, science and technological talent within Americans.
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    Created by Nitish Agrawal
  • Constitutional Ammendment
    Congressional Reform Act 2011 Term Limits No Tenure and no Pension All funds in Congressional Retirement acct move to Soc Sec Congress loses their health care, join the masses Congress must abide by the same laws as everybody else.
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    Created by Stacy Stinson
  • Governor Corbett: if you care about PA, fully fund education
    The future of a state, country, etc is based on the strong education of its citizens. Mr. Corbett is proposing to cut education funding by 50 %, so cutting the future of the state of Pennsylvania by 50 % or more (as educational deficits have exponential damaging consequences: higher poverty, crime, health risks, etc). Mr. Corbett must fund education 100% or more, if necessary, by taxing gas and other industries in PA.
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    Created by Pablo
  • End pensions for elected officials
    In order to help reduce costs, federal and state elected officials should not be entitled to a pension or health care after they leave office. They can participate in a 401K while in office to save for retirement. Hopefully, elected officials will understand how the majority of Americans plan for retirement.
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    Created by Chris Cronin
  • Ohio legislators should be treated as public employees
    By the definition set up by state legislators themselves, Ohio state legislators are not considered public employees and thus are not subjected to the effects of much of the legislation they push through (i.e. SB 5). In fact, they are public employees and should not be able to make rules for themselves as they see fit. They should not be able to purchase nor receive service credit for work not done, and they should be subjected to the same increased payments and decreased entitlements for retirement that they establish for public employees.
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    Created by Bill Henrich
  • Help name Anna's babies (actually a test of e-delivery)
    This is actually a test of our new e-delivery system but I need about 15-20 signers. You should leave some suggested names in the comments field. Last I heard, she is a little short on boy names.
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    Created by Adam Quinn