• Tell AQ: Get out of your PJ's
    Since moving on to an in-home office, AQ's fashion and comportment habits have declined considerably. Tell AQ: Respect yourself, put on your pants, and don't forget to brush your teeth occasionally!
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    Created by Elijah Zarlin
  • Stop Congress from cutting science funding
    Congress is debating next years budget as we speak. Last month, the House already passed a version that would cut NIH funding by $1.6 billion, as well as cutting NSF, DOE and NASA research funds. Now the Senate is considering a version that would keep NIH funding stagnant and reduce NSF funding by $75 billion. These cuts could cripple science research in the US. NIH Director, Dr. Francis Collins, has said it would mean only 10% of grants getting funded and noble laureate Dr. Harold Varmus said that even a $300-billion cut would send shock-waves through the nation's cancer research community. Sign this petition to help stop these cuts today.
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    Created by Milan de Vries
  • Mayor Lee: Pave Minnesota Street
    Minnesota Street between 17th and 22nd is awful. I can't even ride my bike on it. I think if we get enough Dog Patch residents to complain we can get the city to resurface the street. After you sign this petition, which I will personally deliver to the mayors office, you should give him a call: (415) 554-6141. Join me so we can have a smooth street! Testing the revetting on this...
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    Created by Adam Quinn
  • Tell MoveOn.org that SignOn.org is awesome.
    MoveOn is the organization behind SignOn. If you like SignOn, why not tell them?
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    Created by Sam Tregar