• End support for GMO crops, and label all GMO foods
    Monsanto has launched lawsuits for years against Canadian and US farmers, and winning, when their GMO pollen drifts onto an organic/nonGMO farm--saying the organic/nonGMO farmer stole their patent--calling it patent infringement. These legal actions are insane, and dangerous, and destroying and scaring small farmers. Monsanto is infecting organic farms, which could end all organics, and change organic standards to include virus and bacteria DNA which are in GMOs. Monsanto is supported by the US presidency, regulatory agencies, and courts, and is aggressively courting the same power structures in Europe. They are threatening to turn all of the world's food supply into GMOs.
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    Created by Geoffrey C Saign
  • Smart School Lunches
    School lunches in public schools should be changed to organic. In addition, the lunches should contain more vegetables, fruits and nuts than the current amount.
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    Created by Virgil Lawson
  • Congressional Reform Act of 2011
    The Congress of the United States is out of touch with the condition and needs of over 90% of the population. The members receive executive level salaries, guaranteed medical care and guaranteed pension benefits paid by tax dollars. Yet, they are reckless in proposing to tear down the income, medical benefits and the only retirement that many taxpayers have. In order to adequately represent the majority of taxpayers, the protections that congressional members enjoy should be more closely aligned with those they represent.
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    Created by Rita C. Kidd
    Americans need to come together and work towards amicable solutions to the many problems confronting this nation. Our representatives are totally out of touch with the real ways to discuss, suggest, compromise, and fix the problems affecting PEOPLE. This is one nation with many, many sub cultures and we need to understand the suffering of millions of our countrymen.
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    Created by Harriet Schwartz
  • Demand that all Kenyan Mps pay tax!
    While all people in Kenya, rich and poor are paying taxes, the Kenyan MPs who are some of the best-paid MPs in the world are fighting tooth and nail not to pay tax. This is not only shameful but also immoral. They need to know that we, the people of Kenya do not support their greed and we demand that they pay tax like everyone else.
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    Created by Gerald Baraza
  • Enough is Enough-Send Our Family Members Home !
    Help Make This Bill into a Law, Change the Mandatory Sentencing Laws
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    Created by Virginia L. Neal
  • Six year term limits
    We need to establish congressional term limits to encourage new ideas and actually accomplish goals for this country.
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    Created by Jennifer Howe
  • Should incomes over $250,000 be taxed at the same rate that lower incomes pay?
    For federal income taxes, anyone earning $250,000 or more should be taxed at a rate no lower than those earning lower incomes. There should be no "tax cuts for the rich", i.e., the Bush-era tax cuts. Likewise, state-level legislatures should immediately take measures to correct any tax loopholes that disproportionately tax lower income earners at a higher rate than those over $250,000.
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    Created by Susie Roberts
  • Cut in Pay Health Benefits and Furlough Days
    When state workers, ie teachers, police, fire fighters and even private corp workers are experiencing cuts in pay, losing health benefits, and unpaid days off, why don't we the American Tax Payers, the employers of all 3 branches of government demand that our Federal Government Officials take a 8% cut in pay, limit their health benefits, limit retirement benefits and take forced days off with out pay.
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    Created by Julie East
  • Change the Role of the US Dept. of Education
    The DOE has wasted billions trying to impose counterfeit reforms on public education. High stakes, useless testing has demoralized teachers, narrowed the curriculum and left parents on the sidelines. Student achievement has not improved. The DOE could help by becoming a research, resource and advisory organization. As stated in the 10th Amendment, we should leave public education as a state responsibility.
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    Created by Lynn Stoddard
  • Limit money for all candidates for public office and limit the campaign time to one year
    My petition is for people to agree to limit the amount of money that every candidate for public office can use to run for office and limit the campaign time to one year, at most. People should sign this because money has corrupted the system and because of the recent Citizens United Supreme Corps decision, it is only getting more corrupt! We must get the money out!
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    Created by Claire Strong
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    Created by ROBERT H. GRAHAM