ANYONE who drives in American must be given a driver's license and have proof of insurance. That protects us all. Immigration status be damned! If a person is gainfully employed and producing for our country and paying his or her bills, they are supporting the economy of this country and must be allowed to be here and have the right to become citizens. There are no arguments against this, unless you are a racist or ignorant - which is both.
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    Created by Richard Fairfield
  • U.S. Rep. Herger: Don't Ryan-ize Medicare, Support Seniors.
    Seniors in CA2 are frantic about cutting or changing Medicare and other health care benefits. Mr. Herger, you need to support Seniors in your 10 counties, not throw them to the lions. You are the chair of an important health care committee that could affect the livelyhood of millions of Americans. Stop the Ryan-ization of our health care !
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    Created by Frank Treadway
    Educate some Virginians that Congressman Eric Cantor, Majority Loser needs to go away, and never be heard from again.
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    Created by Michael Garrett
  • De-criminalize marijuana Nationally
    A recent informal poll indicated that 6 out of 10 of American voters think that marijuana should be legalized or decriminalized and taxed like that other drug, alcohol. At the very least, MEDICAL marijuana should be legalized federally so that patients and dispenseries and grow facilities can conduct their business without fear of prosecution.
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    Created by Richard Hammontree
  • To stop Life insurance companies from letting people change beneficiaries over the phone.
    as of right now in the state of Pennslyvania people can change life policy beneficiaries over the phone....anyone can do this if they know peoples personal info....i am going through this right now cause someone changed a policy my dad had over the phone... a month before his death he verbally told me over the phone this was done without his knowledge...he tryed to change it back and the insurance company will not recognize it...PA law needs to be changed on this point. It needs to be done writing with a signature.
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    Created by mary rowan
  • Save Medicare from the heartless--and extend it to senior retirees abroad.
    Medicare does not cover millions of qualified seniors because they live outside the US---even though care would cost less. (Excellent health care in Mexico, for example, costs about 50% less.) So when chest pains strike, there are only two choices for many retired expatriates: (1) immediate treatment causing bankruptcy or (2) passive suicide. than forcing them to return to the US for treatment.
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    Created by William Weston
  • Help Protect Lakota Indian Children from Uranium Contamination
    Reservation life in North and South Dakota among the Lakota/Sioux Indian people is extremely difficult with 90% unemployment, life expectancy of age 48 and America's deepest poverty. Complicating life is the discovery of unchecked uranium and other heavy metal pollution in the water and air and on the land. The people have not been informed of this danger and no precautions have been taken to test wells or bring in safe water. Cancer rates are soaring.
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    Created by Rochelle Ripley
  • List all MSG additives on labels
    MSG is a additive found in many processed foods. A large percentage of the population is allergic or sensitive to it. It aggitates numerous health conditions. Some reactions are severe. The companies who manufacturer MSG have created mulitple names for it. Leaving many unaware consumers ingesting it even though they shouldn't. "In 1993, FDA proposed adding the phrase '(contains glutamate)' to the common or usual names of certain protein hydrolysates that contain substantial amounts of glutamate. For example, if the proposal were adopted, hydrolyzed soy protein would have to be declared on food labels as 'hydrolyzed soy protein (contains glutamate).'" ... Unfortunately, for those with asthma, migraine, and atrial fibrillation, MSG as free glutamate remains a hidden food ingredient. This FDA labeling proposal was killed by a powerful food lobby. Please help me get this changed!
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    Created by Jennifer Muse
  • Women in budget process
    There are no women making federal budget decisions. Why?
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    Created by Rebecca Gibson-Laemel
  • Recusal
    Judges recuse themselves from cases where they have conflicts of interest. Why don't legislators?
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    Created by Michael Todd
  • End Hiring Discrimation Against Long-Term Unemployed
    Recent news reports on MSNBC say that the long-term unemployed face a new hurdle that is legal - discrimination by hiring employers against people who, because of the recession, have been and continue to be unemployed through no fault of their own. We all need jobs to survive and thrive in the U.S. Let's outlaw this hurdle that the long-term unemployed desperately need to have removed so we can all get back to work.
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    Created by David I. Steinberg
  • Pink whistles for charity
    Football referees in the State of Washington have been subjected to loss of revenue and suspensions due to their support of the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research.
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    Created by Marc Silverstein