• Require restaurants to ask before putting your food in a bag
    A large amount of pollution and waste is caused by paper and plastic bags as well as disposable utensils that are often used for only a few minutes, if at all, and then thrown away. Many restaurants will put your takeout food into a plastic or paper bag and give you disposable utensils and condiments without even asking you if you want them first. Then, often if you then tell them that you don't need the bag on your food they will take the bag off of your food and just throw it in the trash. The same goes for disposable utensils and such. If restaurants are required by law to first ask people if they want a bag before putting their food in it or other disposable utensils, it will cause people to think about whether or not they really want their food in a bag or need disposable utensils. This will result in many cases where the people will refuse these items when they are not really necessary. This will cut down on a large amount of waste and possibly even save the restaurants some of the money that they spend on supplies.
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    Created by Alex Levine
  • Rescue Dogs and Democracy
    Last year, Missouri citizens who are tired of our state's reputation of "Puppy Mill Capital of America" circulated a petition to place a proposition on the November ballot that would set humane standards for the treatment of dogs and puppies in dog breeding facilities. They collected twice the required amount of signatures, and Proposition B was placed on the ballot. It passed statewide with 51.6% of the vote. Republican legislators immediately began the work of repealing the measure, claiming that it was the beginning of an attack on the freedoms of farmers, that urban voters didn't understand the proposisiton, and that, even though it was passed by a majority of voters, it was defeated in the majority of counties. The state house and senate passed the repeal. The repeal bill (SB113) now heads to the governor for his signature. This is a blatant attempt to overturn the will of the voters as expressed in a free and fair election. We MUST convince Governor Nixon to veto this repeal, to reinstate democracy, and to give dogs the protection from puppy mill cruelty they deserve.
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    Created by Doc Holliday
  • Corporations and Campaign Finance
    Citizens vs United must be overturned. Corporations cannot be deemed to have the same rights as people. If we want to get our democracy back, we must not allow Corporations to have the right of unlimited spending on political campaigns.
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    Created by Allen Sayble
  • Apple: Help Parents -- make iTunes rentals last for 30 hours!
    Every parent has been there: You finally get everyone to bed and have time for yourselves. You want nothing more than to relax and watch a movie. But an hour in, you're crashing. You'll finish it the next night, right? Not if Apple can help it. Apple: simply allow rentals to last for 30 hours (instead of 24) and millions of parents will love you for it.
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    Created by justin r.
  • Testing non-ASCII
    Hello Júlio Várgàç.
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    Created by Sam Tregar
  • Tell AQ: Get out of your PJ's
    Since moving on to an in-home office, AQ's fashion and comportment habits have declined considerably. Tell AQ: Respect yourself, put on your pants, and don't forget to brush your teeth occasionally!
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    Created by Elijah Zarlin
  • Stop Congress from cutting science funding
    Congress is debating next years budget as we speak. Last month, the House already passed a version that would cut NIH funding by $1.6 billion, as well as cutting NSF, DOE and NASA research funds. Now the Senate is considering a version that would keep NIH funding stagnant and reduce NSF funding by $75 billion. These cuts could cripple science research in the US. NIH Director, Dr. Francis Collins, has said it would mean only 10% of grants getting funded and noble laureate Dr. Harold Varmus said that even a $300-billion cut would send shock-waves through the nation's cancer research community. Sign this petition to help stop these cuts today.
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    Created by Milan de Vries
  • Mayor Lee: Pave Minnesota Street
    Minnesota Street between 17th and 22nd is awful. I can't even ride my bike on it. I think if we get enough Dog Patch residents to complain we can get the city to resurface the street. After you sign this petition, which I will personally deliver to the mayors office, you should give him a call: (415) 554-6141. Join me so we can have a smooth street! Testing the revetting on this...
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    Created by Adam Quinn
  • Tell MoveOn.org that SignOn.org is awesome.
    MoveOn is the organization behind SignOn. If you like SignOn, why not tell them?
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    Created by Sam Tregar