• Honoring America's Most Unsung Founding Father.
    Greetings: We need your help, as conscientious citizens, to stop impediments to having Banneker Overlook Park from being upgraded to a world class memorial by the Washington Interdependence Council. Our non-profit civic agency was authorized to establish the Banneker Memorial within the monumental core of the nation's capitol on November 6, 1998, with the enactment of P.L. 105-355. In September, 2010, Senator Roland Burris introduced bill S.3886, as an amended re-authorization to the original bill, with the only changes being two caveats calling for: 1) the statue of Banneker to be placed inside of Banneker Overlook Circle, and 2) the Benjamin Banneker Institute of Math & Science to be also placed inside of Banneker Overlook Park, aka, U.S. Reservation 719, at the southern terminus of the L'Enfant Plaza corridor. This site is sandwiched between the Mall and the southwest waterfront, with the waterfront undergoing a $2 billion renovation; and the Mall a $140 million renovation, all due for completion circa 2016. This is also the target date for the completion of the Banneker Memorial, in concert with the overall redesign of the area which has been renamed the new EcoDistrict. The reason the legislation made these two amendments to its original language is because everyone now wants to usurp this commemorative park for their own designs now that the area is being totally overhauled to become the new Cultural Center of the nation's capitol, tying the Mall and the new multi-billion dollar tri-state waterfronts together, with new and exciting cultural and real estate developments underway. Our organization worked arduously to secure a $138 million U.S. Dept. of Transp., TEA21 grant, disbursed entirely to DDOT, underwriting the basic renovation of the subject area to "make way for the Banneker Memorial" as stated in our Memorandum of Agreement with us and the partnering governmental agencies in January, 2000. However, the conspiracy by developers and others wishing to usurp the site is to sabotage, malign and destroy our agency, rendering us incapable of continuing our mission, so that we may walk away quietly into the night; enabling others to benefit from our 15 years of work and to siege the coveted site. In doing so, after more than two centuries of exclusion from proper recognition as a Founding Father, Mr. Banneker would continue to not receive the accolades he deserves as a colonial American hero, and our years of sacrifices and meeting daunting milestones will be lost forever. Our agency has also aspired to have Banneker's legacy serve to inspire our youth to believe that they can master the STEM disciplines; and for the Benjamin Banneker Institute of Math & Science Technology to serve as a prestigious academy to train our youth as leaders in the STEM disciplines at this coveted location, across from the new waterfront. Banneker Overlook Park is now 40 years old. It was established in 1971 when it was officially named in his honor as a result of the advocacy work of noted historian, Louise Hutchinson. We recently honored her, and commemorated the 40th Anniversary of this park during Black History Month. We can only continue on this commemorative path by having bill S.3886 redropped and passed by Congress or for President Obama to exercise his power of Executive Order by passing it into law. The bill does not call for funding, and with the continued support of conscientious American citizens, we can succeed with this important initiative. We thank you in advance for your support.
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    Created by Peggy Seats
  • Our representatives must no longer be bought by big money.
    To end the obscene amounts of money being spent on the elections of our supposedly public representatives and to end the buying of their votes by overly rich corporations and individuals.
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    Created by Ron Drabiski
  • DPW Women's Caucus
    Women's Equality and the Right to Vote
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    Created by Penny Sharp
  • It's OUR Democracy: Repeal the Citizens United vs. FEC Decision!
    Nothing threatens our democracy more than the increasing takeover of our political and legal processes by corporations, and nothing has accelerated this takeover more than this Supreme Court decision that allows unlimited corporate contributions to political campaigns without disclosure.
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    Created by Andrew Bloom
  • Extend Daylight Savings Time all year
    If we extend Daylight Savings Time to a year long policy we can 1) save energy 2) help people with Seasonal Affective Disorder 3) keep people more active by allowing 9–5 workers to be outside during winter after normal work hours and therefore more health-oriented
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    Created by Brandi Avant
  • Why isn't anyone talking about Thorium????
    Everyong needs to read up on Thorium as the "silver bullet" we've been looking for to solve our energy/pollution problems. There is some political reason that it is NEVER mentioned. Most people have never heard of it. It is a by-product of coal and using it instead of burning coal is non-polluting and produces much more energy than burning coal does. WHY AREN'T THEY TALKING ABOUT IT????? WHY AREN'T WE DOING THE WORK TO GET GOING IN THIS DIRECTION?????
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    Created by N. K. Mason
  • Solar Hot Water Mandate
    The state of California is blessed with some of the best solar resources in the world. Solar water heating is cheaper than gas, electric, or propane water heating, yet it is seldom incorporated into new construction. Consumers do not demand it because they do not feel qualified to evaluate the options. Builders and architects are resistant to change from existing norms for house construction, and either do not know or do not present the advantages of solar hot water to consumers. Utilities have mixed motives, since installation of solar systems reduces their sales. Solar hot water is the right thing to do. It should be required, like grounded outlets and earthquake straps on hot water heaters. This petition calls on the legislature to mandate the installation of solar hot water systems in all new single-family residential construction or upon major renovation or rebuilding of a residential property. This will increase income for homebuilders and solar system manufacturers, save homeowners money over the life of their houses, reduce natural gas and electrical usage, eliminate significant amounts of pollution, and improve the energy efficiency of our state. No one loses in doing this.
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    Created by Roger Davenport
    Congress and the President have put job creation on a back-burner in preference to measures that deal with inflation (which is very low); interest rates (also very low), and the deficit (high, but best lowered by a vibrant economy, which depends on plentiful jobs).
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    Created by RICHARD E. EVANS
  • "Impeach Justice Clarence Thomas"
    Justice Thomas has committed perjury for 13 years of sworn financial disclosure forms claiming that his wife, Mrs. Thomas earned no income, when in fact she was earning a hefty income--directly related to cases before him. Justice Thomas has made a mockery of the United States Supreme Court and must be impeached effectively, immediately.
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    Created by Anthony P. Johnson
    Elizabeth Warren is fighting for the protection of consumers. It is only fair that we as consumers fight for her, against the massive concentrated attack she is under from the GOP, the banking and insurance lobbies. Let's let the White House know we want her to head up the CFPB. The President can and should appoint her.
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    Created by Barbara Eardley
  • End Ethanol Mandates/Subsidies
    The Ethanol program was sold to the American people as a way to reduce energy costs and reduce our dependency on foreign oil. It has done the opposite. As the Ethanol content of motor fuel increases, fuel economy decreases. At 10% Ethanol content, the typical car's MPG drops 15%-20%, burning MORE gasoline to drive the same distance, PLUS the Ethanol. In addition to being counter-productive, the taxpayer is paying $.70 per gallon in subsidies/blend credits, as well as higher prices for all food products.
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    Created by David Folsom
  • Ryan response
    The Democratic Senate should propose an answer to the Ryan budget and force a vote or an actual filibuster. Make the Republican senators go on record as preferring a change in Medicare to an increase in taxes on the wealthy and removal of the tax breaks for Big Oil.
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    Created by Hank Asch