• Stop Ticket Scalping: Installing CAPTCHA 断绝黄牛票
    The ticket scalping industry has grown into an intolerable size that is seriously impacting the entertainment market. Fans, mostly teenagers, face skyrocketing prices that are often multiple times of the original price, with constant incidences fake tickets even. I am a student in China, and what just happened to me recently has awakened me to realize the severity of this problem in the ticket market right now. My favorite celebrity is hosting this concert in Shanghai, which I had been planning to go for months. I saved up a lot of money and finally got my parents to agree by studying really hard. I was really excited for this concert, however, when the tickets were out it was just impossible for me to get one from the website (大麦网) even with the help of my friends. All of the tickets were in the hands of ticket scalpers, and were sold almost 10 times as high. The original prices for about 480 yuan were about 4000 yuan, which was almost 10 times as high!!!Later, we found that the ticket scalpers had retrieved most of the tickets with machines called bots, which were much faster than human hands and allowed the scalpers to steal most of the tickets from fans. Further, most of the ticket-selling websites have not even installed CAPTCHA to identify machines from humans, which is what allowed most of the tickets sold to go into the hands of scalpers. We have to stop the ticket scalpers from breaking our hearts and devastating our dreams. There is no way to do this if we do not UNITE and say NO To this !!! Stop ticket scalping by enabling companies to install CAPTCHA !! 黄牛票一直是一个极其严重的现象,对文化传播,市场经济,和社会方面造成了极大的影响甚至于说困扰。人们对于黄牛票的报道从来都是暧昧不清,从未得到实质性的解决方案或态度。粉丝们,大多还只是青少年,常常面临着狂涨的价格无能为力。此外,常常还有粉丝因买到假票损失惨遭。 我是一名高二的学生。最近发生在我身上的一件事让我严重意识到了黄牛的严肃性。我一直喜欢的明星要在上海办演唱会, 我期待了超级久,也拿出了自己之前存的奖学金和红包钱存着。为了这件事我挤进了年级前十名,终于让父母同意我去了。我感到非常兴奋,但是,当晚抢票时我怎么也抢不到。得知所有的门票都在黄牛手中后,我带着最后的希望去咨询黄牛,却发现门票售出了近十倍的高价,从最初的价格约480元飙升到了足足有4000元,几乎是原来的10倍!!!! 后来,我与一些朋友调查发现黄牛们都会使用抢票机器(bots)在网上抢票。因为这些机器比人类的手快得多,他们由此才得以抢走走大部分门票,并且狂抬价格。此外,大多数售票网站甚至都没有安装CAPTCHA来区分人类和机器,这才使得黄牛得以抢走绝大部分的门票。 几年来黄牛市场已越发张牙舞爪,价格也越来越夸张。我们不能再无动于衷了。只有一起抵制黄牛,我们才能捍卫我们作为消费者的尊严,才能不让更多像我一样的人被喜欢的人的演唱会拒之门外。所以,求求大家了,我们一定要让票务平台在他们的系统上安装CAPTCHA,阻止黄牛。
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  • Let’s Cancel The Biggest Loser New Season
    This show caused so much harm to the health of contestants and viewers alike by perpetuating weight stigma. Since the show went off the air, we have research related to how weight stigma and yo yo dieting actually harms people in larger bodies. Additionally there is research from prior Biggest Loser contestants indicating long term negative effects: Participants not only gained the weight back due to a slowing of the metabolism but that participants had increased leptin levels that causes extreme hunger: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/02/health/biggest-loser-weight-loss.html From The National Association of Eating Disorders: “Weight stigma, also known as weight bias or weight-based discrimination, is discrimination or stereotyping based on a person's weight. Weight stigma can increase body dissatisfaction, a leading risk factor in the development of eating disorders.” https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/weight-stigma From Abbys Kitchen: DANGEROUS SECRETS FROM THE BIGGEST LOSER & MY PETITION TO MAKE IT STOP “A study published in the Journal of Obesity suggested that watching even one episode of the Biggest Loser increased hateful weight bias among viewers! This is particularly concerning to me when there are children watching, as it’s easy to sense and duplicate the disgust for fatness when they see it in their peers or even themselves.”https://www.abbeyskitchen.com/nutrition-dangerous-secrets-biggest-loser-my-petition-make-i/ From Today’s Dietitian: January 2018 Issue The Health Impact of Weight Stigma By Carrie Dennett, MPH, RDN, CD Today's Dietitian Vol. 20, No. 1, P. 24 “The health risks of weight discrimination are consistent with the observed effects of racial discrimination.8,35” Being the target of weight stigma increases the risk of poor mental health outcomes,36 including depression, anxiety, poor self-esteem, suicidal thoughts and behaviors, and eating disorders. These associations happen regardless of BMI, so it's unlikely that body weight itself is a cause.8” “Harrison says. "The majority of the clients I've treated for disordered eating cite bullying or shaming for their weight by parents, peers, coaches, or health care professionals as the initial trigger for their issues with food." https://www.todaysdietitian.com/newarchives/0118p24.shtml
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  • Justice Kavanaugh: Recuse yourself from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau case
    The Supreme Court will soon hear a case that threatens the existence of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an independent consumer watchdog championed by Elizabeth Warren and established as part of the Dodd-Frank Act. We are calling on Justice Kavanaugh to recuse himself from the case because he previously ruled on the underlying legal question, making it clear he is not impartial. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau protects us from scams and predatory lenders. A payday lender has brought a case that threatens the existence of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau -- and Justice Kavanaugh is poised to help the payday lender win. We can’t let its existence be threatened by a man who faced 83 ethics complaints.
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    It may be just an account to some of you, but to most of us who share our work, our art, and our TIME into these platforms as hobbies and ways to get away from life, we shouldn't be struggling just to get a WORD from some body behind Instagram. This needs to change. Terms need to change, because what would Instagram have left? Users running from their platform in hopes of better service.
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  • Bring Back Georgia Gold at KFC
    Because it was the best sauce that KFC has ever had, and it brought so much joy and happiness to the people.
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  • Pop up shops
    This is important because it’s so many young entrepreneurs that have so much to offer to the community and to expand their businesses. It would be a great dealbreaker for the mall and the entrepreneurs that are trying to create a brand for themselves. It also gives people a chance to explore and open doors for prosperity
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  • Allow micheal Vick to receive the pro bowl honor
    To support a great athlete that has paid his dues
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  • End sales of toy assault weapons at Target!
    Target’s weekly ad on the Sunday after Thanksgiving featured a Nerf gun called a “Fortnite AR-E blaster.”(1) This toy gun looks like an AR-15, the weapon of choice for mass shootings—including the school shootings at Margery Stoneman Douglas HS in Parkland, FL and Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT. In these times of horrific gun violence, family-friendly Target should not be selling toys modeled on AR-15s or other assault-style weapons. The US now has mass shootings on a near-daily basis. Children routinely participate in active shooting drills at schools due to the threat of gun violence. Many have seen news reports from shootings, including images of children crying outside their schools while police address the aftermath of a school shooting. Some have been directly affected by gun violence. Imagine those children seeing toy guns at Target that look like the assault-style weapons that are regularly used in mass shootings, packaged in boxes with pictures of smiling children holding the guns. What kind of message does it send to children who fear or have suffered from gun violence to see these “toys” for sale? Imagine a child who comes across a real gun at home or while visiting a friend or relative, which happens with alarming frequency. (2) Will that child who has seen toy guns at Target think the gun is a toy, perhaps leading to an accidental shooting? Imagine a troubled teen who has considered using a gun to injure himself or others? Will seeing the toy guns at Target encourage him or make him think that a real gun is not harmful? Imagine a child playing with one of these toy guns in the yard or a park. Might the police or someone else mistake it for a real gun (especially if the orange tip has been removed) and shoot the child? (3) There may have been a time when most people didn’t think twice about toy guns. But now that mass shootings and school shootings have become routine, no responsible retailer should sell "toys" that look like the deadly assault-style weapons used in those shootings. Guns are not toys. Target holds itself out as a responsible corporation that helps communities. The Target website proclaims: “We’re putting the needs of people, communities and the planet at the heart of how we work today, to help build a better tomorrow.”(4) Target also says it wants “to help all families discover the joy of everyday life.”(5) Selling toy guns that look like assault weapons does not help communities or families; it hurts them. Sign this petition and tell Target: Stop selling toy guns that look like assault-style weapons. 1. https://weeklyad.target.com/promotions?code=Target-20191201&page=14. 2. A recent study estimated that 4.6 million children live in a home with a gun that is loaded and unlocked. Deborah Azrael, et al., “Firearm Storage in Gun-owning Households with Children: Results of a 2015 National Survey.” Journal of Urban Health (2018) 1-10. Approximately 40% of gun owners report that there is always a loaded gun within easy reach when they’re at home. Kim Parker, et al., “America’s Complex Relationship with Guns,” Pew Research Center (June 22, 2017) 9, http://assets.pewresearch.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2017/06/06151541/Guns-Report-FOR-WEBSITE-PDF-6-21.pdf. 3. Katy Steinmetz, “Toy Guns Create Deadly Problems for Police,” Time (Nov. 25, 2014), https://time.com/3603087/tamir-rice-shooting-toy-gun/. The night before Target ran its ad featuring the assault-style Nerf gun, an intoxicated man shot a child who was playing with a Nerf gun. Kashmira Gander, “Florida Man Drunk On Whiskey And Beer Shot Child Playing With Nerf Gun After Telling Him He Had A Real Gun, Police Say,” Newsweek (Dec. 3, 2019), https://www.newsweek.com/florida-man-drunk-whiskey-beer-shot-child-nerf-gun-real-gun-police-1475186. 4. https://corporate.target.com/about/. 5. https://corporate.target.com/corporate-responsibility.
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  • Chime
    Every customer is upset for the Inconvenience and not having it up an running.
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  • Join a class-action lawsuit against Kodama, Inc.
    Kodama needs to be held accountable for their irresponsible behavior and misuse of funds.
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  • Stop Tucker Carlson - White Supremacist Agenda on Fox News
    Tucker Carlson has built his career on his fear-mongering, racist and conservative views. Republicans in Congress and in the media have used "great replacement theory"—an extremist ideology which asserts that white people are being driven out and replaced by non-white people in Western societies. On Saturday, May 14, a white supremacist gunman opened fire at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, murdering ten people and injuring three others others—11 of the 13 people shot were Black. The gunman shared the same logic that Carlson does: that non-white people are an inherent threat to white people. And it's not new from him either. Only three days after the a white supremacist mass shooter in El Paso killed 22 people, Tucker Carlson went primetime on Fox News and declared that white supremacy is a hoax. Conservatives can defend him all they want, but we can see the truth. We can't let Tucker have a platform built on misinformation and disinformation that is getting people murdered. Tucker Carlson and his defenders are complicit in giving voice to these white supremacist and racist ideals. Tucker needs to be taken off the air, and his advertisers need to stop funding hate. Especially now that he is purposefully misinforming Fox News viewers about the rise of white supremacy and relying on xenophobic ideals that will only result in more assault and aggression from white nationalists across the country. I have family members who are Fox News viewers and they are constantly being misinformed. It ends now.
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  • Doordash charges customers extra for a gas bonus they no longer pay to drivers.
    While it might not seem like much, $15 extra a week goes a long way to helping pay for the rising costs to run your own delivery business. Consumers should not stand for being fleeced for a cause that a company no longer supports.
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