• End Oil Company Subsidies
    Oil companies are subsidized by taxpayers while earning record billion dollar profits. Why? On average, the big 5 oil companies averaged 100 billion a year over the last 10 years! This corporate welfare has to stop immediately.
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    Created by Robert Pousman
  • Attorney General Gansler: Lead a full investigation of mortgage fraud in Maryland
    The WSJ reports that a final settlement could be reached as early as the week of Dec. 18! Along with sharing this petition, please contact AG Gansler directly: (410) 576-6300 or 1 (888) 743-0023 toll-free in Maryland TDD: (410) 576-6372 email: oag@oag.state.md.us The size and scope of the proposed "settlement": Fraud and illegality lie at the heart of the mortgage and financial crisis. The list of questionable practices by banks and mortgage servicers is long: Risky subprime loans were issued without proper documentation or underwriting; subprime loans were "bundled" and sold to institutions in securities designed to conceal their high risk; land registry records were manipulated to avoid paying taxes. After the crash, many mortgage servicers failed to help homeowners receive government mandated loan modifications. There have been widespread cases of fraudulent foreclosure, using unverified mortgage documents (so-called "robo-signing"). The FBI found that ‘mortgage fraud is a growing crime threat that is hurting homeowners, businesses, and the national economy.’ The FBI and other law enforcers have increased resources to address these crimes, focusing on fraud related to loan origination, mortgage loan securitization, and mortgage servicing. Multiple Federal and State investigations and lawsuits are just now beginning to connect the dots in the mortgage fraud picture. Unfortunately, this drive for justice may be thwarted. A proposed settlement between the State attorneys general, the Federal Government, and mortgage servicers may put a halt to State investigations and prosecution in this area. It could also hinder individuals and institutions hurt by fraud from uncovering the truth and getting their day in court. Current reports mention a $20 billion settlement pool for compensating fraud victims. If true, the amount is laughably inadequate- victims of such widespread fraud have surely lost much more than this. And, while compensation is important, so is accountability. As Representative Tammy Baldwin (WI) puts it: "This entire tragedy reinforces the perception for average Americans that they play by one set of rules and everyone on Wall Street plays by another. While banks and other financial institutions were deemed too big to fail, they are now seen as too big to prosecute. If blanket immunity is granted to mortgage servicers their appalling behavior goes unpunished and they will continue to behave as if they are above the law. The American principle of equal justice under the law must apply to all, not just to some." Our petition to Attorney General Gansler is simple: Investigate fully, prosecute where appropriate, and do what is possible to see that victims are compensated fairly. Any settlement that hinders these goals is no settlement at all, and should be rejected. Thanks for signing!
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    Created by Henry Barru
  • Arizona! Move Your Money from Wells Fargo!
    Wells Fargo bank is bad for our community! With a track record of abuses of low income and minority customers, Wells Fargo does not represent the values of most Arizonans. Yet several of our state's public institutions and government agencies invest Arizona taxpayer money in Wells Fargo accounts. Here are but a few examples of Wells Fargo's track record serving the 1% at the expense of the 99%: Wells Fargo Cashes in on Prison Profits - Wells Fargo has 50,000 shares in Corrections Corporation of America, the same for profit private prison company that sponsored Arizona Immigration Bill SB1070 and largely financed the campaigns of recalled State Senator Russell Pearce, controversial Sherrif Joe Arpaio, and Governor Jan Brewer. Wells Fargo discriminates against minorities - At the height of the sub-prime lending boom, the bank was 3-4 times more likely to loan sub-prime mortgages to financially stable Latinos and African-Americans than to Caucasians. Wells Fargo discriminates against the 99% - In 2010, Wells Fargo was fined by a U.S. District Judge for its predatory overdraft practices. And Wells Fargo is one of only two remaining U.S. banks to offer Direct Deposit Advance, a type of high interest payday loan available right from the ATM machine. Arizona deserves better! Let's call on all public and government institutions in Arizona to move OUR money out of Wells Fargo and back into our community through community banks or credit unions!
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    Created by Julie Jennings Patterson
  • Alhambra School District Move Your Money!
    Community members in Phoenix, and concerned parents and residents in the Alhambra School District are asking the district’s Governing Board to transfer its investments (which are paid by our property taxes) from Wells Fargo bank to a Community based bank. We are asking you, as members of this community, to sign our petition urging the board of Governors to consider closing the Alhambra School Districts accounts at Wells Fargo Bank and moving these investments to a Community based bank. Wells Fargo bank is an international Banking institution that in many ways drains our community resources by not paying their fair share in income taxes, foreclosing on over 55,000 homes in the Phoenix area, and reluctance to refinance mortgages to help people stay in their homes.
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    Created by Deborah Curtis
  • Corporate Greed
    Stores are opening their doors at midnight on Black Friday. It was bad enough that employees had to go to work the day after Thanksgiving (usually around 4 am), but now they have to work through the night. Selling a few items is more important than taking care of the employees that work for these Corporate giants like Macys, Target, etc. The CEOs of the corporations don't have to work through the night, but they definitely benefit from the profits. Supporting local and small businesses who actually care about their community and employees seems like a much better option.
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    Created by Jenni Franke
  • Customers Against At&T
    At&T rips people off and takes advantage by over charging and having horrible reception and terrible customer service. They have had a monopoly on Iphone for too long and are hiring people that are rude and in the business of lies and deception. Just this year alone I've had to call At&T several times to clear incorrect phone charges and received rude service, was hung up on, and misleading information. Enough is enough, this phone company has taken advantage of its customers long enough. We pay high rates and are mislead to change plans and penalized each month with more money and more time wasted talking to a representative on the phone for hours, or placed on hold for minutes at a time. AT&T Wireless NEEDS TO HAVE FAIR AND COMPETITIVE PRICING, HIGHER CUSTOMER SERVICE STANDARDS, AND BETTER COVERAGE. ANTI-deceitful.
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    Created by Mosha Katani
  • Sutter Health: Don't close San Leandro Community Hospital
    Lives are at stake. The closure of San Leandro hospital will have a drastic effect on wait times in nearby hospital emergency rooms, longer distances to travel for acute heart attacks and strokes. 400+ people will lose their jobs, and doctors will relocate their offices elsewhere. Sutter Health maintains they are losing money at this hospital, at the same time moving more profitable procedures to nearby Eden Medical Center- which they own. California State records show that Eden Hospital earned in excess of $30 million a year. St. Rose Hospital, in nearby Hayward CA has offered to take over San Leandro Hospital, and has provided financial statements to corroborate this.
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    Created by Walter Stewart
  • Overturn Citizens United
    The recent US Supreme Court decision to allow unlimited corporate donations to political causes is at odds with one person one vote as a basis for our democracy because advertisements affect voter choices.
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    Created by Chris Clement
  • Warren Buffet's Proposal for Congress
    Warren Buffett, in a recent interview with CNBC, offers one of the best quotes about the debt ceiling: "I could end the deficit in 5 minutes," he told CNBC. "You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election."
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    Created by Paul Sayen
  • Repeal of Citizens United
    It's to eliminate the "a coporation is a person" that the Supreme Court passed. Even in the Gettysburg address, the last line says, "... of the people, for the people, by the people..." It does not refer to corporations.
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    Created by Donna Plutschuck
  • Invoke the RICO Act on WallStreet & 1%!
    Ask for accountability! Was our economy in the hands of corrupt individuals shielded by corporations, political motivation, organized gain and greed - acting in bad faith? Title 18 was created by the Federal Government to pursue such matters, yet no one has even suggested applying this to those who gambled, extorted monies from not just U.S. citizens, it's global!
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    Created by cindy
  • People for a Better Athens
    There are plans in place for Wal-Mart to be the anchor store in a new development in downtown Athens. The Armstrong-Dobbs tract is the most valuable piece of land in Athens-Clarke County. It abuts the Oconee River and is within walking distance of UGA and Athens' unique local businesses. We are not against development of the Armstrong-Dobbs tract. In fact, we celebrate development for the opportunities it might bring our community to grow. However, we are against the placement of a 100,000 sq. ft. Wal-Mart within the Armstrong-Dobbs development as an "anchor store." Please sign this petition to voice your support for an alternative vision of Athens' future. We protect our small businesses. We love our unique culture. We are People for a Better Athens. We will not sell or trade your email under any circumstance. Please like and share our Facebook Page to stay engaged! http://www.facebook.com/ABetterAthens
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    Created by Russell Edwards