• Freeform should have 31 nights of Disney
    Freeform has a wide variety of Audience. They show 31 days of Halloween movies, and they have Christmas specials. I am petitioning for this network to add a 31 days of Disney movies. The up and coming generation DESERVES to experience the classics that is Disney. Children are so impressionable and they see such violence and gore on TV that we owe it to them and ourselves to provide a safe time and space for children to spend time and watch TV with there family’s without being subjected to unchildly things. Disney movies not only provide that safe space but they are also a huge part of a child’s development. Disney inspires, animate, and molds the lives of millions, so who are we to deny our children this experience. Simply adding Disney to Freeform will not only make views skyrocket, but bring family’s together in a safe setting and during trying times like these, it might be exactly what we need to bring our community back together!
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    Created by Cadience Dixon
    Jaiden Locarnini Barajas 13 years old of Reno Nv was killed on September 25 while waiting for the school bus in Fallon Nv. He was ran over by a drunk driver who turned out to be a retired police officer. Trying to flee the scene the man had to be guided off the road by a witness. Jaiden and his two sisters were standing in the yard waiting for the school bus when this man made a u turn and plowed through a yard running 13 year old Jaiden over who pushed his sister out of the way, saving her life. This man was able to go home that night to his family. Why is this ok? Why wasn't something done about this? That is why we want this law. Something needs to happen.
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    Created by Athena Poole
  • Denounce FRMC Nazi Club
    This is important especially as we are witnessing upticks in violent racially charged hate crimes. Most recently a Black family in Warren was targeted due to their race by a white neighbor. It is important that Madison Heights takes a firm, zero tolerance stance on hate and bigotry in our city. To call Madison Heights the "City of Progress" while housing a known Nazi club in 2020 seems contradictory. We can do better and the citizens of Madison Heights deserve to live in a city that does not welcome hate groups and allows them to stay.
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    Created by Elliott Koch
  • Rewrite the American Constitution
    Slaves were not freed until 1863. Women were not allowed to vote until 1920. Black people were not allowed to vote until 1965. Gay marriage was not legalized until 2015. Our constitution was written ONLY by white men in the 1700s. We are not including the thoughts and perspectives of any woman, any person of color, any of our LGBTQ communities. We cannot expect change and we cannot expect equal justice for all when we are living under the supreme laws of a document crafted in the 1700s. As women, we deserve a say As people of color, we deserve a say As people of different sexualities or nonconforming genders, we deserve a say. As people with differentiating cultures in our country, we deserve a say. Sometimes we need to deroot and replant to grow a vital and luscious garden. America, land of the free, home of the BRAVE. WE, the people, must put meaning to those words. It only takes 100,000 signatures in 30 days or less to send a petition to the white house. Please, let’s come together and fix this before it’s too late. Please, set aside our differences and let’s fix this, before it’s too late. Estados Unidos necesita tu ayuda. Por favor. Nosotras necesitamos vivir mejor. No más odio. No más tristeza. Más valentía, más libertad, más vida!! ahora! Vámonos! Salud y gracias.
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    Created by Isabelle Grace
  • An Introduction To Three Critical Solutions
    On January 1, 2021, I will be 77 years old. For most of my early life, I had but a passing interest in politics. That dramatically changed with the murder of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963! A few weeks later, after I saw Life Magazine’s detailed color pictures of the Zapruder film showing the President’s head and brains being blown BACKWARD after being shot in the face, and NOT being shot from behind – as declared fact by the Warren Commission Report – I began my personal search to find out who, why, and how my government was intentionally lying to all of us then, and forward to this very day. Initially, since there was no Internet for the first three decades, my search was slow and labor intensive. However, with the advent of the Internet, my searches became much more productive. I attempted to find answers relating to politicians, other governments, the CIA, the Mafia, bankers, etc., and was about to give up on finding a satisfying answer until, about a dozen years ago, I found and read an article titled, Beware The Psychopath, My Son. After reading that article, I came to the forehead slapping realization that for all of those years I was expecting to find my answers among groups of people and all the while it was the commonality of the mental composition – of specific powerful men WITHIN those groups! It was the key which almost instantly answered so many more questions than I had ever even begun to consider. It answered political questions, economic questions, legal questions, historical questions, sociological questions, racial questions, religion questions, media questions, sexism, rationalizations for wars and so much more! I have spent the last decade confirming and expanding on my “discoveries” and last year I began what has become a three webpage explanation for all to read, absorb and then hopefully help usher through Congress a very specific bill into Federal law. So now, I would sincerely appreciate any feedback, criticism, questions, support and/or – at least pass this short introduction along to someone who may find it of interest. -- Note: The above mentioned article, upon which all of my studies are based, is the first link on the first webpage listed below. That link begins with, “Research studies have shown …”. www.rushtopower.net www.rushtopower.net/action.html BONUS: www.rushtopower.net/reset.html Respectfully, Terry Sneller aka, Tarry Faster terry@rushtopower.net
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    Created by Terry Sneller
  • Justice for Hevenly Mendonsa
    The police have been beating my sister in jail, she suffers from Schizoaffective bipolar disorder. Recently an officer kicked her so hard which resulted in a dislocated kneecap for the cop. My sister is facing charges for the cops wrongdoings in criminal court instead of mental health court. I’m asking everyone to please pray for my sister and for protection while she is in jail. My sister is a young black woman from Solano County and is being denied her rights under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) as a black woman with mental disabilities. My sister is facing 7 years and the officers excuse for kicking her is that my sister was “moving to slow” coming from the jail elevator. Someone with a mental disability should not be handled with aggressive impatient treatment. My sisters life matters #blacklivesmatter This is Hevenly her life matters. Black women need protection now more than ever especially those who suffer from things out of their control. Her hearing is at 8:30am on October 16 in Solano County Crimal Court she is being charged unjustly from charges related to this event. If anybody out there has any referral resources or that hears this message & is willing to share in hopes of helping our family in this tragic situation please do! Even if it’s with words of encouragement. I know we aren’t the only family from Solano County that suffers from police brutality and from officers who strategically target those that are mentally disabled, black, and poor. #Blacklivesmatter 🖤🖤🖤
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    Created by Dacari Mashauni
  • Pass the Peace Book ordinance now!
    At the end of September 2020 in Chicago 3,210 people have been shot and 551 have lost their lives to gun violence and we don't want to lose one more person but especially our children. Please use your voice to let city council that they need to prioritize saving lives and investing in healing. We can't wait for another 3 years before substantive change happens. The time to act is now and we have to pass the Peace Book ordinance. The Peace Book is the opposite of the Gang Book. The Peace Book is a regularly-published book (as well as a website and an app) that provides a resource directory identifying wraparound services and job opportunities with the purpose of reducing youth incarceration. The Peace Book suggests diversion programs and ways to further implement restorative justice practices inside schools, courts, and juvenile detention centers. It documents the inequality that contributes to intergenerational poverty and trauma and proposes solutions. It describes models and instructions regarding how to curate neighborhood-based peace treaties. It identifies Peace Keepers in each ward who have the experience and relationships required to conduct peace negotiation and violence interruption. And it proposes remedies to gun violence, including but not limited to free drug treatment centers, trauma centers, trauma-informed schools, mental health care clinics, standby psychiatrists or therapists, restorative justice, community centers, transformative justice, fair housing, food justice and economic justice.
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    Created by GoodKids MadCITY
  • Retroactive Admission
    FAIRNESS, INCLUSION, and EQUALITY. The Supreme Court lowered the bar passage score for the California bar exam 2 months after the February 2020 bar results were made public. If the passing score on the Feb. 2020 exam had been reduced to 1390, five percent more white test takers would have passed the exam, but eight percent more Latinos, seven percent more Asians and 13 percent more Blacks would also have passed. The percentage of woman applicants have not been disclosed by the committee. Please support recent eligible applicants who have passed previous bar exams with the new cut score of 1390 to 1439 but are unable to retake the exam due to the high fees and costs associated with taking the exam, wildfires, and the numerous issues caused by the pandemic from unemployment, school closures, and the novel Corona virus. Make California attorneys more representative of the state and provide greater access to justice for low- and middle-income Californians in need of legal assistance. The State Bar of California does not want to make the exam retroactive because they will lose money. The State Bar of California will not make admissions retroactive without guidance from the Supreme Court. Please sign this petition, share with friends and family, and support our future generation of legal minds during these times of social injustice. DID YOU KNOW- The State Bar of California will receive $317,080 in test fees from the 376 repeater applicants that have to retake the online October 2020 exam to receive the same score the received in February 2020. Bar Exam fee: $677; Laptop fee: $153; Total to retake online OCT bar exam $830. Bar preparation courses range from $2,500-$10,000. Law school graduates are required to take the California bar exam after graduating from law school and passing moral character and an ethics exam if they want to practice law in the State of California. Support this petition so this new generation of legal advocates can make an impact in the legal field.
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    Created by Ava Boloori
  • Sidewalks for Rock Creek Manor
    How Sidewalks Would Improve our Community: • Would provide sidewalk access to two entrances of Rock Creek Park Paths (Parkvale Rd and Manorvale Rd) • Provides sidewalk access for students walking to Earle B Wood Middle School and Rock Creek Valley Elementary School and the Earle B Wood Park on the school’s grounds • Provides sidewalk access to Bauer Driver Community Recreation Center • Would allow sidewalk access (via Rock Creek Park Path) to Tikvat Israel, and Twinbrook Baptist Church • Provides sidewalk access to Bus Stop (Bus 48 Line) at intersection of Greenspan Lane and Bauer Drive • Allows sidewalk access to Rock Creek Village center grocery stores/restaurants • All three roads are being used by drivers from outside the neighborhood as a short cut around Rock Creek Village Center and associated traffic • There have been car accidents from speeding cars on our street already. • We have an active community with seniors, kids, bikers, pedestrians, and dog walkers all currently in the street and increasing the risk of a serious accident.
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    Created by William Horowitz
  • The University of Michigan: Decolonizing Pedagogies Initiative
    DPI must be instilled within DEI project plans to offer a sustainable approach to retaining diverse ANISHINAABEK, Native American, First Nations, Black Native, Pacific Island, Mesoamerican, South American, Caribbean Indigenous and global Indigenous students and their epistemologies. DPI at The University will give way to mass decolonization of academia throughout Turtle Island. Decolonization must BEGIN with Michigan! THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN MUST BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TREATY OF FORT MEIGS ON BEHALF OF DIVERSE ANISHINAABEK AND GLOBAL INDIGENOUS ONTOLOGIES IN HIGHER EDUCATION. Times up Michigan, your Treaty obligation is overdue. We DEMAND decolonial pedagogy.
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    Created by Samara Jackson Tobey
  • Inmate Firefighters Deserve Real Jobs in Oregon
    These fire crews work tirelessly to serve and save our state when we're at our most vulnerable. Yet, they are denied access as they re-enter into society. They put their lives on the line for us, let's give them the opportunity to start new, serve the community, and create a new life with the skills and experience they possess.
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    Created by Kate Woods
  • Urgent: MCAS, Oregon, retaliates to kill young dog despite a qualified and safe rescue option
    When the punishment does not fit the crime: Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS) wastes money; wastes lives, and spends $22,620 to kill a young dog. MCAS will immediately kill this young dog as soon as all legal deadlines end in mid-September. Protest this politically motivated action and support the rescue, adoption, and foster offers that have been made to allow him the life he has never had. Blaze, a young American Pit bull impounded at 10 months of age, has been held in maximum security at Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS) since May 19, 2017. Over 3 years have gone by. He is not a “dangerous dog.” Blaze has not caused a “serious physical injury.” He was never used as a weapon and has caused no one ‘s death. The bite incidents (2) that resulted his incarceration in 2017 were well within the range of incidents that occur throughout the community, were preventable, and situational, secondary to living in a chaotic multi occupant household. There is no need to kill him to keep society “safe.” MCAS’s plans to kill him are retaliatory, driven by a need for absolute control and a commitment to the idea that killing is the best way of teaching a lesson to those with the courage to a challenge MCAS’s authority. The fundamental policy at MCAS is that that no one may ever question the validity of their decisions or offer alternative solutions. The rejection of public input and inclusive thoughtful solutions began with a regime change five years ago when the newly hired director began to systematically re-write all policies to exclude all professional consultations, rescue and public input, once important parts of decision making. It was in fact a hostile takeover, unfettered by oversight targeting removal of the public from its own government. The immediate escalation in killing that followed has been covered up, disingenuously explained away way as “socially responsible,” when no data has been presented that the community is “safer” with more killing. Killing just requires less effort. The agency, not the homeless animals unfortunate to be there, is “unhealthy and untreatable.” No questions are asked by government. Complacency and collegiality trump fact finding every time. The agency requirement that Blaze be killed when safe humane alternatives exist is a continuing pattern at Multnomah County Animal Services and is about vengeance, a revenge for which MCAS as of September 07, 2020 has willingly incurred boarding costs of $22,620. Blaze’s exemplary behavior under stressful agency generated circumstances has been extraordinary. Nearly all of Blaze’s life has now been spent in solitary confinement where he is only permitted visits behind a kennel door without contact allowed for 15 minutes or less, with those closely supervised by an animal control officer. The goal to discourage visitors has succeeded. But despite the fact that nearly all of his life has been spent in solitary confinement, Blaze has survived. His daily kennel monitor reports document a cheerful welcoming behavior and efforts to seek out positive attention from other animals and people passing by the outside of his cell. MCAS refuses to allow him to be evaluated by an expert professional with a diplomate in veterinary behavior medicine and rejects the opportunity to create a behavior plan and allow him to go to a 501(c)(3) placement partner as did previous administrations. This resort to autocratic rule is occurs because MCAS can simply run out the clock. MCAS’s deliberate refusal to acknowledge and respond to consultation and rescue offers from volunteers, community professionals, and rescues in all cases now is unconscionable. “Winning” by deliberately shutting out the community has led to increased killing throughout the county without any safety agenda served. Please contact the listed responsible parties in charge of this agency where every democratic principle has been removed. Ask that Blaze be permitted to live and help us in this county advocate for a humane democratic shelter, one that does not kill arbitrarily when safe and humane options exist and partners with the community that pays its way. Documents available upon request. Gail O’Connell-Babcock, PhD gocbwatchdog@aol.com Foster Pets NW Citizens for Humane Animal Legislation/Watchdog --- Contact list for responsible parties: Wade Sadler, MCAS Director: wade.sadler@multco.us Phone: (503) 988-6233; (503) 988-7387 Jamie Waltz: Interim Director Dept.Community Services: jamie.waltz@multco.us Phone: (503) 988-7968 Interim Chief Operating Officer Peggy Brey: Peggy.brey@multco.us Phone: (503) 988-2999. -- The Multnomah County Board of Commissioners County Chair Deborah Kafoury: deborah.kafoury@multco.us Phone: (503) 988-3308 Sharon Meieran, Commissioner District 1: sharon.meieran@multco.us Phone: (503) 988-5220 Susheela Jayapal, Commissioner District 2: susheela.jayapal@multco.us Phone: (503) 988-5219 Jessica Vega Pederson, Commissioner District 3: jessica.vegapederson@multco.us Phone: (503) 988-5217 Lori Stegmann, Commissioner District 4: lori.stegmann@multco.us Phone: (503) 988-5213
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    Created by Gail O'Connell-Babcock