• Global Emergency Board
    To create a global board of scientists, engineers and environmentalists who have the aptitude to be able to respond to disasters that affect the planet and require immediate intelligent response. This board would have the power to oversee and supercede the authority of the corporations or govt agencies involved, perhaps through the UN.
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    Created by Carol Ann Schreiner
  • Maintain current system to aid Seniors.
    The Area Agency on Aging is a very efficient organization that helps Seniors in Ohio. It is being suggested that a for profit group could take on these functions and save money. The target word is money as the needs of Seniors would be secondary . Support Area Agency on Aging as it has supported the aging for many years.
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    Created by Karen Kindel
  • Proportional Representation to replace rigged electiions
    This would replace elections of state legislators and/or U.S. House of Representatives members from districts that elect only one member by plurality vote to districts where several members are elected from each district so that each party would be represented in proportion to the number of votes received in the general election.
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    Created by C. T. Weber
  • Sustainable Labling
    We have been tricked into creating incentives which reward those who cut corners, who are more invested in profiting off of our communities that supporting them and who make money from investing in poisoning our children and families at large. If we simply shift the costs from the sustainable, progressive, locally owned business back to the international profit at all costs with no regard for health or quality of life for workers or consumers model we will be on our way to investing in ourselves rather than in a third yaught for international company board members who pay no taxes and are destroying he world ON OUR DIME! My idea is simple. Lets start by shifting the incentive from rewarding exploitation and pesticide use and Genetically Modified Food use (which is already cheaper to do and difficult for local farmers to engage in a proper livelihood against) to rewarding and supporting local growers. US. So GMO companies need to lable their foods. We want to know and we care aqnd they dont have to lable but local organic farmers do? This is outrageous and self destructive insanity?! Its time for people who POISON the food to lable and take on that burden. They must also be the ones being audited and and paying extra money into our system to cover healthcare costs fromall of the sicknesses caused by pesticide(POISON) treated foods and the cross contamination from Genetically modified foods as crops. If we do this simple thing. Transferring the onus from the local healthy food groweer to the HUGE multi Million dollar corporation who has no stake in the local economy tanking or thriving as they can always open new markets. Our local farmer cant just sell food to china. The infrastructure propping up the current agriculture industry is going to collapse soon with the advent of fossil fuels becoming more and more expensive. Its time to free our local farmers to do their jobs and thrive because as they thrive so will our communities when times get rough they will feed us. The big corporations will just figure out how to profit from our bad luck and suck us for every possible penny. If you want to live in communities that have a chance to thrive in the face of a coming and current economic crisis then Ssign this petition. Force agricorps to shoulder the burden of lableing their veggies rather than organic farmers and the indiustry will suddely favor organic foods being grown. Who doesnt want to eat organic food that costs less money to buy?
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    Created by omshaiya
  • Don't Punish Widows
    In Massachusetts, there is a little-known law prohibiting any widow from collecting her spouse's Social Security if she collects a teacher's pension. This makes little sense to me, as our spouses' Social Security was paid every year for this purpose, and why should the state reabsorb this money when most former teachers on a pension need it? Massachusetts is THE ONLY STATE with this law. Let's change this before Social Security ceases to exist in its present form!
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    Created by judith Marks
  • Congressional Entitlements
    I am frustrated hearing Republican Congressman going after Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as the only way to lower spending...What about Lifetime Congressional Healthcare and retirement packages. Since when do employees get better packages than their employers??? Doesn't the Congress work for us??/ They are so far removed from the needs of the average person that they can't make these decisions intelligently.
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    Created by Renee fertig
  • Congress, show you care!
    Get Congress the message. Do they really care about us? How about them giving up something for our economy just like we are?
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    Created by Sharon M. Larocque
  • Free DC Petition for Equality
    In Washington, DC, our nation's capital, we have no voting member of Congress, and our local taxes and laws are subject to the control of Congress. This violates every principle of democracy and it is un-American.
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    Created by Michael Brown
  • Cut The Pentagon's Budget First
    The astronomical cost of the U.S. Military, including the hundreds of billions of dollars the Pentagon is now spending waging wars and building weaponry, is the most significant reason our Federal budget is running an unsustainable deficit. The U.S. needs to balance its budget by reducing our military expenditures rather than by making cuts to other Federal programs.
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    Created by Mark van Gelder
  • Please help to end Supt. Barbara Thompson & MPS Board Members Deceptive Practices to RESEGREGATE ...
    In the wake of the most recent 6-1 decision in favor of Supt. Barbara Thompson's ridiculous recommendation to close neighborhood schools in low income predominantly Black communities we stand in solidarity to have this decision rescinded. Haunted by history in the most recent decision by Board members;Charlotte Meadows,Eleanor Dawkins, Mary Briers, Melissa Snowden, Heather Sellers, and Beverly Ross, is a troubling sign of genocide of the Black Community.
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    Created by Karen Jones
  • The War on Drugs
    We constantly hear about the huge expenditures by our government to fight against illegal drugs. We hear about violent behavior by drug users and drug cartels. We know those drug cartels rake in billions of dollars. Much of that money could provide tax relief for the USA, if drugs were legal, controlled and TAXED!
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    Created by Richard Fairfield
  • Label GMOs
    Consumers have the right to know when the food they purchase contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Monsanto says that GMOs are "same as" and therefore will not affect our health and our environment, yet they have patented those same seeds because they are unique and different. Label GMOs and let the consumers decide whether or not they want to consume them.
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    Created by Susan Siemers