• If President Obama Offers Cuts on the Big 3, We Find Another Nominee in 2012
    In the battle for the Debt Ceiling vote, President Obama is offering to put Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid on the table for cuts. He campaigned and received support from the American people for his stance to protect the Big 3 at all costs. If he waivers in this battle and sides with Republicans, then Democrats should find another nominee in 2012. We need a Democrat in the White House who acts like a Democrat. The poor and the vanishing middle class in America have taken the brunt of this bad economy started by George W. Bush while the top 2% enjoy their lowest tax rates in 50 years. Shared sacrifice means shared by all, not just a few. The poor, elderly and disabled can no longer afford any more cuts. It is time for President Obama to draw a line in the sand and stand firm.
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    Created by David Bleiler
  • Medical Marijuana
    Montana Medical Marijuana laws were put into place in 2004, with an overwhelming majority vote. Over the past seven years, the caregiving industry has grown and many businesses had finally found themselves established. This past year, the Federal Government has vandalized these establishments and the materials therein, leaving the businesses unable to continue operation and on top of that, now numerous owners are being Federally indited. Families are going to be torn apart and good people put into prison, if we do not take a stand; President Obama himself announced that in regards to Medical Marijuana, State Law precedes Federal Law - time to speak up for our civil rights.
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    Created by sarah
  • No Benefit Cuts to Social Security or Medicare
    There is no legitimate reason for the "Greatest Country in the World" to cut or reduce the cost of living increase rate of benefits or services in the Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid programs, either for the current generation or the ones to follow. These programs are essential to the strength of the country and the price we'll pay as a nation for diminishing them would exceed the short term savings by several orders of magnitude. Greatness can't be done "on the cheap"!
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    Created by Stephen Jones
  • Representatives:Repeal unfair GPO & WEP
    KY educators & state employees are penalized & targeted by the unfair Government Pension Offset (GPO) & Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP). We will not receive our spouses' Social Security or Survivor benefits while x-spouses of at least 10 years will. We are losing our homes & the life we built with our spouses. We are calling for the repeal of these unfair laws.
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    Created by Kathy Goss Bryant
  • Bernie Sanders For President
    Obama needs a challenge, should not run unopposed, why forfeit that debating opportunity?
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    Created by Kathleen Weaver
  • Requesting resignation of Rep. Tony Shipley, R-Kingsport and Dale Ford, R.-Jonesborough of Tennessee
    TBI raided Appalachian Medical Center, Johnson City, TN in 2007 due to what TBI investigators reported as a "pill mill" that contributed to the death of 47 patients. No charges were filed. The licenses of 3 nurses, employees with Appalachian Medical were suspended. In May, 2011 their licenses were reinstated with the assistance of representatives, Shipley and Ford even though the TBI investigation was still continuing. In April, 2011 Shipley advocated a house amendment to reduce the number of nursing board members that could further risk the health of Tennesseans. Gov. Haslem of Tennesse stated, " I don't like it when people use their leverage to accomplish a personal agenda". Ford's sister was a employee of Appalachian Medical. Shipley identified himself as "the rascal behind the scenes that made it all happen".
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    Created by Deborah Smyth
  • Congress leave the big three alone
    Do not touch what we have worked for and paid into for years. We are on a fixed income and can not afford to have anything taken away from us. We the "Middle Class" have given enough..go after those who aren't on a fixed income and can afford to give back.....listen to us why won't anyone listen to us?
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    Created by Diane Polvinen
  • Local Newspaper: Print the whole truth
    Stand up to advertisers who you may upset or lose if you printed regular, in-depth, complete coverage of the benefits of comprehensive, universal heathcare, Improved Medicare for All, Single Payer Healthcare, socialized medicine, whatever you call it.
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    Created by William Davis
  • Save Social Security Disability
    While everyone from our legislators to the president have discussed saving Social Security retirement, the issue of Social Security disability (SSDI/SSI) has abruptly disappeared from the public discussion, and this bodes ill for the disabled. Social Security disability recipients have already "shared the pain," being hit with a series of benefit cuts, "adjustments" and freezes in recent years. Please call on our govt to protect the disabled.
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    Created by Diane H. Fabian
  • Respect the Indian Nation Treaties
    The petition advocates 100 percent fulfillment of the terms of all the treaties the US signed with Indian nations, full funding of federal programs contracted by Indian tribes, and a return, as far as possible of treaty lands that were taken under the Dawes Act and by other legerdemain.
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    Created by jon norstog
  • DEAR GOD....
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    Created by Billie
    My petition is about the most outrageous clause ever to appear in a legislative act. It prevents the prescription drug act's administration from negotiating drug prices with pharmaceutical firms. This is outright graft. A billions of dollars legislative gift to major campaign donors.
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    Created by Larry Jaffe