• Honest Lobbyist
    Professional lobbyist are and have been a scourge on how the government works. It is because of the lobbyist that the government in Washington D.C. has become owned by the special interests. This petition is designed to correct this and bring the power back to the people; where the power should rest.
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    Created by Steven E. Templin
  • save
    $0, but i supports my parents having pensions when they retirer
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    Created by Anton
  • ethics code for police
    New York City policemen and women do not have an ethics code. Professions serving the public need guidelines that the public understands to provide the basis for strong partnership between the public and the police. An ethics code would dignify the job of policeman/woman, provide the basis for mutual respect, and clarify the limits of conduct.
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    Created by dr. elizabeth hegeman
  • Students of VCU Support LGBTQ Rights
    Governor Bob McDonnell will be giving the spring commencement address at VCU's graduation ceremony on May 21. This news comes less than three months after over 1,000 students rallied to protest the Governor and Attorney General's attempt to negate anti-discrimination policies that protect gays.
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    Created by Corrina Beall
  • Full Campaign Public Financing
    To ultimately achieve an election process that is truly fair and balanced, where no interests, corporate or otherwise, hold sway over our elected officials and our laws. This requires full public campaign financing, and eliminating the ability of campaigns to "opt out" or otherwise fund their campaign with "private" donations. Entirely and Completely unbiased tax payer allocated funded, without the ever increasing costs of running a campaign. It is becoming harder and harder for the voices of the have-nots to be heard, precisely because they do not-have . (The first step in this process is for congress to overturn the "Citizens United" Decision from the supreme court.)
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    Created by Matthew P
  • legalize marijuana
    every year at tax time we should be able to pay a grow tax fee per house hold that would permit us to grow our own marijiana so the federal goverment would have let say we pay 250.00 out of our taxes every year to grow our own. Then the money people use to buy it will now be put back the money into the economy. selling is still illigal.
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    Created by heather shamp
  • Close Vermont Yankee and clean up the site!
    Vermont Yankee is releasing radioactive pollutants and is dangerously worn out. This plant needs to be decommissioned starting next year, 2012. The Governor and the Vermont Senate strongly support this plan. They need to know their position is well supported. Please sign this petition.
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    Created by Jito Coleman
  • Stop Oil Market Speculation and Manipulation
    Oil prices are being driven by wealthy invesment speculators who have no connection to the oil industry other than making a profit off of the price moves in the oil markets. Require oil investors to have a business that is directly related to the disposition of the oil either in the production or the refining or the deliveryof it. Banks like Goldman Sacs have no business investing in oil markets
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    Created by David Rosstad
  • Evict Wall Street Insiders from the White House
    Timothy Geithner and Ben Bernanke aren't part of the solution to our nation's economic fix; as alumni and protectors of Wall Street, they are part of the problem. We need advisers such as Krugman and Galbraith to press for regulations with teeth and for effective investigations of fraud and price-fixing. President Obama: for real change, get rid of Geithner and Bernanke!
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    Created by Kathryn Nocerino
  • Petition 888
    About the corrupt, way CPS handles cases, children, parents, and illegally takes children from homes and families without proof or documentation. Anyone who has been treated wrongfully by CPS or who thinks CPS needs to be investigated sign. Or anyone who knows someone that has been wronged by CPS, CPS needs more schooling and investigated They also violate our Civil rights
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    Created by Sandra Miller
  • Save the California State Parks
    The State of California is proposing budget cuts that would include the closing of 70 state parks throughout the state of California. These closings would include popular destinations such as Limekiln in Big Sur, Jack London's Cottage in Jack London State Park, and the wildlands of Henry W. Coe State Park. These parks are fundamental to the education process of residents and visitors to the state of California. Please let the California Governor Jerry Brown and the California State Legislature know that you do not agree with these cuts and want California to find alternative ways of solving the budget crisis.
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    Created by Galadriel Highhouse
  • Take back our Democracy
    Stopping in its tracks the FAR-RIGHT REVOLUTION
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    Created by Gil Miranda