• Save the American Folk Art Museum!
    Quoting Roberta Smith in The New York Times 9/19/11: "Please. Someone, everyone, do something to save the American Folk Art Museum from dissolution and dispersal. Or at least slow down the process, so that all options can be thoroughly considered. New York’s contemporary artists, and New York as a whole, need the creative energy of this stubborn, single-minded little institution, its outstanding exhibition program and its wondrous collection, an unparalleled mixture of classic American folk art and 20th-century outsider geniuses.
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    Created by Janine NIchols
    The name The "WHIITE" House,right now is violating the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Furthermore,it,daily discriminates against all non White,or European-Americans. It,additionally,is racially divisive,indicative of "WHITE" Superority,and impedes improved Race Relations.
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    Created by Brother HB
  • UC Nuclear Free!
    Since their inception the University of California has managed both of the nation's nuclear weapons labs¹. Every nuclear weapon in the United States arsenal has been designed and developed under the auspices of the UC. It is unconscionable that an institution of higher learning be responsible for bringing weapons of mass destruction into the world. Furthermore, by continuing to manage the weapons labs the University of California legitimizes and helps shield from criticism the United States’ nuclear weapons program and arsenal. [1] Los Alamos National Lab in New Mexico & Lawerence Livermore National Lab in California
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    Created by Jedidjah de Vries
  • Dart Players: Revamp the ADO Office
    In order for the Game of Darts to grow in the United States, it is obvious that communications need to improve. I think the best way to do this is to move and revamp the day to day operations of the ADO. Moving the office will reduce expenses and improve operations.
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    Created by Sharon Butler
    Law firms are filing foreclosure actions without first checking whether their clients own the debt underlying the mortgage being foreclosed; they proceed based on frequently faulty assignments of mortgage rather than proving debt ownership. Judges are allowing this. Introduce retroactive legislation to stop both lawyers and judges from allowing this inequity, and require foreclosures be examined and as applicable be reversed.
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    Created by Lee Miller
  • Our country
    Let us stop calling OUR country "this country."
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    Created by Earl Hamner
  • Free Fruit for Kids
    Vashon Thriftway gives free cookies to children, but many children are allergic to gluten, eggs, and dairy. Let's extend the inclusivity and healthfulness of Vashon to our children by giving them fruit instead of cookies.
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    Created by Marie Loeb
  • President Obama: Replace and Improve the VA Claims Adjudication Process
    The Veterans Administration Claims Adjudication Process is totally unresponsive to the needs of disabled american veterans. It takes on average 10 to 20 years for a veteran to obtain benefits from disablities incurred on active military service. The present VA Claims Adjudication Process is extremely adversarial and veteran hostile. A system more human and amendable to the needs of veterans and their families needs to be implemented.
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    Created by Sylvester Sartor Jr.
  • Boycott Big-Box Sebastopol CVS
    CVS is proposing to build an uninspired big-box store and parking lot at the gateway to Sebastopol (kitty corner from Screamin' Mimi's). Their current location in an existing shopping center works for the community. If they build the new big box store, we won't buy!
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    Created by Alysson Baker
  • Changing the City of Newburyport residential speed limit from 30mph to 20mph.
    Our petition is to change the speed limit on the streets of Plummer, Christopher and Jefferson from 30 mph to 20mph. We also suggest this change to be city wide in all thickly settled residential roads in Newburyport.
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    Created by Christopher Bromby
  • ANTI right-to-work Indiana
    The Republicans in the state of Indiana are trying to restrict and abolish workers' rights. We must stand against these Republican politicians and their corporate owners to protect the rights of working men and women and to maintain a strong middle class.
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    Created by Fred Davis
  • Eradicate Electronic Voting
    Wealthy entities have been spending literally tens of billions of dollars a year for well over forty years on network security. Why is that? Because it is impossible to secure an electronic medium. We have given our most precious right, the right to vote, to that impossible to secure medium.
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    Created by Christopher Lunn