• legalize marijuana
    Making the legalization of Hemp possible would first build our economy, create jobs, give us a new green Biofuel... Hemp can be used to make paper & building products (saving our forests) As medicinal products Hemp is full of healthy Omega oils and natural healing properties. It can be used to make clothing, which will create a whole new productive job force & Much MUCH MORE... It ALONE can get our country out of its debt! Not to mention all of the prison room it would free up & the tax money it would save that minor weed court cases have been useing up for decades! The age of Hearst, who started this war against weed generations ago, has ended... it went the way of the newspaper. Let's begin this new age by legalizing the flowering plant that grows to help us in SO many ways.... the days of prohibition is over, drugs have killed millions, weed has NEVER KILLED ANYONE.
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    Created by Scott Roman
    Due to "lack of room", NYC Police Officers, PA (Port of Authority, NY-NJ) PD Police Officers and FDNY Firefighters are not invited to the 10th anniversary of 9/11 at Ground Zero — they weren't invited on that day in 2001 either. They just showed up. Sign this petition if you think they belong there more than the Politicians who are invited.
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    Created by BillyBoy*
    It is a vow to peacefully oppose corporations in their quest to seize control of all the resources of the planet . And to support the universal application of certain basic human rights.
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    Created by Randolph Greer
    As we move forward in the 21st century to feed and clothe the billions of humans who live on the planet, let us be mindful not to act with cruelty toward the animals on whom we rely. For details, please see the documentary, EARTHLINGS.
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    Created by Richard Fairfield
  • Reasons for the Impeachment of Barack H. Obama:
    If you care about the constitution of the United States, then sign this petition
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    Created by James
    Regarding President Obama's failure to live up to his oath of office and misuse of executive powers.
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    Created by Jeff Sto
  • Modify Bank Rules in order to Reduce Foreclosures
    This petition is intended to help millions of homeowners who are asking for a loan modification. It is common knowledge that banks will not even look at a loan modification request of homeowners who are current on their payments. This is forcing many homeowners - often adviced "unofficially" by the banks themselves - to stop making payments, and therefore enter foreclosure proceedings, or the the banks will not consider their loan modification requests. During the foreclosure/loan modification evaluations, which all too often last years, foreclosure fees pile up, interests on the unpaid amount accumulate, a continuous hardship is imposed upon families by the ever impending (moved month to month) auction date and the repeated requests by banks for more and more - and in half the cases, duplicate - documents. We need to change the way banks look at the loan modification requests and increase the homeowners range of choices to reduce their own liability. You should sign and share this petition if you or someone you know has or is navigating through a loan modification. Then you'll identify with its requests!
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    Created by Daniele Colajacomo
  • Pass the "People's Budget"!
    The Congressional Progressive Caucus has an alternative budget plan that balances the budget sooner than the Republican/Obama compromise and does it in a way that all the polls say the majority of Americans want. Rather than reducing Medicare and Social Security benefits through privatization, it strengthens both. Google it.
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    Created by Joseph Bartolini
  • Election Reform
    Reform the election process so that the people and not big money influence elections.
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    Created by Robert Emery
  • Label safe food
    Parents deserve an easy way to know that food is safe for their children.
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    Created by C E Mone
  • GOP: Conspiracy with Corporate America against Obama
    It's about the GOP and the Tea Party scheming with corporate America not to hire workers to make Obama look bad in order for him to not be re-elected.
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    Created by DuWayne A. Preston
  • Fair Trade Rockford
    Making Rockford, Il a Fair Trade Town is about providing a structure and strategy for reaching all sectors in our town, with the message of Fair Trade. The Fair Trade Town criteria includes, forming a steering committee, list all organizations that use and sell Fair Trade products, increase Fair Trade product knowledge and awareness, a local campaign to attract media attention, gain public support, and the Rockford City council passing a resolution supporting Fair Trade We are calling on our community to sign this petition
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    Created by Linda Roy