• Petition to Impeach Barack Obama
    For High Crimes (treason) and Misdemeanors. Failing to defend the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic. For the murder of US Border Agent
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    Created by David Hornstein
  • The 9/11 Baby Step
    9/11 has served as the foundation for an open-ended war and other nefarious policies. Yet President Obama and all members of the U.S. Congress have refused to acknowledge the most self-evident contradiction of the official 9/11 narrative: "Building 7's destruction has all the attributes of a controlled demolition, but it is necessarily due to an office fire, since the official investigations so determined." It is time to challenge politicians of all stripes to face an enigma that the average 6th grader is capable of comprehending as they keep wasting military power and other resources into terribly misguided endeavors.
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    Created by Daniel Noel
  • Save the James Webb Space Telescope!
    The House is requiring that all funding for the James Webb Space Telescope, Hubble’s successor, be cut entirely. In other words, they are canceling the JWST program. This is a killer blow to U.S. astronomical research and education. JWST is central to NASA's mission and employs thousands of people world-wide. Support the reinstatement of funding for JWST!
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    Created by Colin Aspin
  • Give us a reason to be behind you
    Let President Obama and Congress know that if they will stand up to those who would destroy our country in order to win back power....we will be behind them, we will support them and in the end ....we will win!
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    Created by Fran Mazzara
  • Stop Demonizing Firefighters and Public Servants
    Governor Rick Scott and the Republican Legislature has attacked and will continue to attack Firefighters, Police, and public servants in the State of Florida. We accepted low salaries for the promise of a decent retirement but now they are reneging on their promise.
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    Created by Frank Aquilon
  • Get over ourselves and get along
    A call for people to stop yelling at each other and drawing lines in the sand. Start listening. I mean it! Listen. Deeply. Break down the rhetoric across the abyss, and address the fears we all experience. Focus on the stable, nurturing communities we can create when we actually listen and share on a deeper level.
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    Created by Greta N.
  • Respect the President
    It's obvious that the Republican party has issues with President Obama but there is no reason for the constant disrespect. It must stop.
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    Created by Yolanda
  • Stop These Stupid Wars
    Our endless wars.
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    Created by Bob Terpstra
  • We The People
    large corportations who dont pay taxes in this country or provide jobs in this country who get tax breaks. this is a democracy let the people vote on this issue as it is we the people, expecially the middle class in this country who is paying
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    Created by Sheila Lazerine
  • Goodlettsville, TN Neighborhoods say "NO" to Bulk Propane Storage
    In light of the recent fire in Lincoln, California and a newly proposed zoning change here in Goodlettsville, Tennessee that would allow a bulk (30,000+ gallon) propane distributor to set up a new facility within 2,500 feet of hundreds of homes and families, we ask a simple "risk management" question: Should established suburban neighborhoods be given protection against zoning changes from outside local jurisdictions that affect quality of life and property issues within the neighborhood?
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    Created by Carl Sumruld
  • Call for resignation of Speaker John Boehner
    Speaker John Boehner's historic denial of a joint session of Congress to the president piles outrage upon outrage. To politically embarrass a sitting president for purely partisan political reasons is unbecoming any legislator, let alone one in Mr. Boehner's position. Boehner's inability to reason with and manage an already oppositional Republican caucus has led to a virtual shut-down of efforts to restore our economy and put 30,000,000 unemployed Americans back to work. Please sign this petition to demand Speaker Boehner's resignation. -- And please SHARE-SHARE-SHARE with as many people as you can!
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    Created by Bill Weiss
    Stacy Bromberg has won enough titles and played enough WDF events to qualify for the World Cup Team. But the WDF feels that because she played in a now defunct division of the PDC she is ineligible to play and defend her World Cup Title. If this happened in the United States we could sue them, but because they are the ruling body of International Darts they can make arbitrary decisions that have no basis in reality. She has participated in 100% of the WDF tournaments held here in the United States, but players from other countries that have no WDF events are not bared from any lack of participation.
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    Created by Harriet Knight Schutsch