• Congressional Reform Act of 2012
    We need to fix Washington so we can fix our country. The problem is that we have too many career politicians who care more about keeping their jobs than solving problems.
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    Created by David Garrison
  • End America's Veto of Palestinian Statehood
    The problems in the Middle East have gone on long enough. the rest of the world is united on Palestinian statehood and it's time for America to get on board. We are against democracy? We are against freedom? We are against fair representation?
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    Created by James V. Bronke
    Wrongful convictions are at epidemic proportions! DNA evidence has released many innocent citizens. Prosecutor and police misconduct to close a case, and ensure a "high conviction" rate keeps this epidemic alive and well. In Florida, Harold W. Scism became victim to a wrongful conviction in 2009. He was given a life sentence for a crime that never occurred. There was no evidence nor DNA evidence. The prosecutor, known for her high conviction rate, was later given the judgeship. Enough is enough. STOP wrongful convictions NOW!!!
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    Created by Dolores R. Peers
  • End the Electoral College.
    This is an archaic method, hugely expensive and entirely unfair. Designed hundreds of years ago for a tiny, rural and widely dispersed population, it negates many of the personal popular votes.
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    Created by paula rothman
  • Political insider trading
    Congress for years has apparently excepted itself from criminal laws relating to insider trading and placed itself above the law. There is absolutely no justifiable reason why Congress should not be subject to the same laws as the rest of society. This creates a double standard and leads to corruption and undue influence by a special interest group.
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    Created by Harry Anderson, Esq.
  • Shorten political campaigns
    National political campaigns begin a year or more prior to elections, leaving most voters weary of ads and news reports, bored by debates, tuned out to the issues and aggravated by candidates. Limiting campaigning time to four months prior to the election would allow candidates to focus on current issues and still provide plenty of time for voters to cast informed votes.
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    Created by Cathy Cowen
  • Overturn Citizens United decision
    The Supreme Court decision that corporations have the rights of individuals and can spend unlimited anonymous funds in support of political issues and candidates (via PAC's) imperils democracy in our country.
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    Created by Jerry T. Jones
  • Supreme Court Mistake Corporations Are Not People
    The supreme court committed a grave error in treating corporate speech the same as of human beings. (Citizens United) This decision allows corporate money to flood the political process and will corrupt our democracy. It will reshape the way elections are conducted. We're calling on all U.S. citizens to demand that the control of our elections be returned to "the people" and not corporations. Congress should legislate to fix the error of the Supreme Court
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    Created by Lori Appeldoorn
  • Bank of America's scam
    We need to put a stop to B of A screwing people by changing dates of transactions to charge extra overdraft fees. There is a classaction suit pending appeals where for each fee people were charged $35 they will be refunded $3.15. They ripped us off and are getting away with it. The lawyers will receive millions of our money that was stolen from our accounts. The lawyersw should be doing this probono. It never affected them.
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    Created by Edward Yost
  • Funding for Public Transportation of Homeless to Cold Night Shelters
    Many areas of the Nation provide Cold Night Shelters for the estimated 100,000 plus homless. Many homelesss are veterans (@70,00 plus). The number grows every day. Being homless they have no money to pay for fares on public transit/para-transit systems to get to the Cold Night Shelters.
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    Created by Richard Rian
  • Warren Buffet's idea to fix congress
    If this was put in place, the problems with money running our congress would go away. We could actually have a congress for the people and not a congress for congress and the rich and corporations. Easy fix!
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    Created by Randy Chapman
  • WP7 On Sprint
    The Sprint Community forums is up-in-arms about Sprint's lack of WP7 devices currently available for the carrier. With no announcement of a new device at CES 2012 and the earliest possible arrival of one not until August-September (see quote below) we customers want support for this great emerging platform as it gains momentum and attention.
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    Created by Dylan Wright